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Jababeka Golf & Country Club

Jababeka Golf & Country Club

As is the case with most residential golf courses, Jababeka Golf and Country Club was built primarily to increase the appeal of the residential real estate to be developed in the immediate vicinity, currently in its early stages. Currently there are approximately 500 members, mostly corporate memberships purchased by Japanese, Korean and Philippine factories established in the Cikarang Baru area.

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Henrik Stenson - Financial loses effect

The 2013 No. 1 Golfer in the World was . . ?

Predictably, Aussies consider Adam Scott the world No. 1 of 2013. Didn’t Scotty win the Sacred Masters for Down Under? And how about his 1-1-2 streak on his own Australasian Tour in November? Let me take this chauvinistic dream to pieces. First, the Masters is a mediocre event, because its field lacks too much depth, [...]

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The OWGR (Part 2): how it distorts reality

OWGR (OFFICIAL WORLD GOLF RANKING): THE US PGA AND EUROPEAN TOURS ARE EQUALLY STRONG If there would be no difference in strength, the European Tour would have disappeared altogether, because every European pro would have queued up for membership of the US Tour. Most of them don’t even try, because they know full well how [...]

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Henrik Stenson

How the OWGR is misused (part 1)

World professional golf is played on different, separate and regional tours: in declining importance (read: prize money) the six leading tours US PGA Tour, European Tour, Japan Golf Tour, South African Sunshine Tour, Asian Tour and Australasian Tour. Other smaller tours are the Canadian Tour, OneAsia, Latinoamerica, Korean Tour and the 2nd divisions of the US Tour ( and the European Tour (Challenge Tour). The US Tour is by far the richest: to be accepted on the official tour agenda, an event must offer a minimum total purse of $ 6.5 million, of which $ 1 million goes to the winner.

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