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Building Athleticism with Warrior Makers

By: John Rozelle

Over the last 3 months we have covered pull-ups, overhead squats, plank progressions and some basic stretches. Have you stuck with your pull-up work? Are you comfortable completing one hundred overhead squats with your driver after your session at the range? Keep at it! I am going to continue to provide you useful new exercises, as each person will find what is right for them, but do not neglect sticking with the good work we have done that can make a real difference toward building your athleticism, addressing your weaknesses and dramatically improving your golf game.

This week we are providing you a movement called a Warrior Maker that uses a pair of dumbbells to build full body strength, improve your conditioning quickly, and, again, increase your general athleticism on the golf course. First, always get yourself warmed up by stretching your shoulders, hips, hamstrings, and quadriceps as well as do some initial work to break a sweat. I would suggest 1 or 2 rounds of our Plank Progression from last month, some pull-ups and some light overhead squats. I would probably do 20-30 pull-ups and 40-60 overhead squats, but scale this for yourself.

Warrior Maker Row

Warrior Maker Row

The Warrior Maker is a sequence of movements. Take one dumbbell in each hand and get into a plank position while holding the dumbbells. First, complete a push-up. The dumbbells will enable you to bring your chest below your hands for a nice deep push-up. If you have trouble with a push-up, you should lower your chest to the ground with only the dumbbells and your feet touching the ground, but you can drop to your knees as you push yourself back up into the plank position again. Next, holding the plank position, bring the left dumbbell up to touch your chest in a rowing motion then set it back down. At the top of the row you will be balancing on your feet and the right dumbbell. It may help to spread your feet wider than your shoulders for this movement. After the left hand row complete another push-up. Then repeat the row with the right hand, and follow it with a third push-up. So in the first part of this sequence you will complete 3 push-ups and one row with each hand.

Warrior Maker Squat

Now, from the plank position, jump your feet forward between our hands into a squatting position. From here we are going to perform a “Dumbbell Clean”. You are going to quickly stand and then return to a squat in an explosive jumping-like movement, except your feet don’t leave the ground. From the top of the standing position, as you return back to the squat, you are going to bring the dumbbells up to your shoulders. So from the initial squat to the subsequent squat the dumbbells will have moved from the floor to your shoulders.

Now, squatting with the dumbbells on our shoulders, we are going to explosively stand up again and use the momentum to drive the dumbbells up overhead. This movement is called a “Thruster”, and we are going to complete 3 of them to match the three push-ups. From the top, with the dumbbells overhead, we will return the dumbbells to our shoulders first, then squat, and then explode back up to the standing position with the dumbbells overhead. You will count each time the dumbbells are held up overhead with your elbows locked straight.

Warrior Maker Finish

Warrior Maker Finish

This whole sequence makes one Warrior Maker.

Let’s talk about how much weight to use. For the first six to eight times you include this in your training, use less weight than you can. Ladies may want to start with five kilograms, and gentleman ten or less. Let your body learn the movement before adding weight. Start by trying 5 rounds of 4 or 5 repetitions of the sequence with 30 seconds to a minute of rest between rounds. Always focus on form and technique.

As you learn more, have fun experimenting with different combinations.You could do three rounds of ten pull-ups, two times through our plank progression sequence from last month, and then three Warrior Makers.The goal of a training regimen is to find the movements you enjoy that challenge your weaknesses or strengths your want to build, and then apply them consistently over time. While variety is important to keep things interesting, I encourage you to start your search for variety with the way you combine movements and not continually trying new things. Our body needs time to absorb the benefits of a challenge.

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John Rozelle is a native of Los Angeles and one of Indonesia's top CrossFit coaches. As an active athlete his whole life in both competitive team and extreme sports, he has always enjoyed coaching. He is passionate about helping people understand the practical application of fitness science to develop athleticism.

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