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The glittering prizes

The Tee Set Championship 2013

The Tee Set year has a rhythm of its own with golf every weekend, net score most of the time and Stableford on the last Saturday in the month and the once a year excursion to the South for the Bandung Bash – but all of it leading up to the season’s zenith, the Tee Set Championship in November.

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How do we define TEMPO?

Tempo in golf swing is often overlooked as an important element to create consistent, efficient ball striking. Good tempo allows the player to increase the quality of impact thus increasing distance, good tempo allows the player to maintain their fitness and energy whilst increasing the length of time a player will play better golf. It sometimes seems that the element of tempo comes under the unwritten rules section regarding the golf swing. Most players are aware of it but may not know how to measure it or even create it.

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Gaganjeet Bhullar the Indonesia Open Champion 2013

Nostalgic Bhullar clinches the Indonesia Open 2013

Gaganjeet Bhullar the talented Indian golfer clinched the Indonesia Open at Damai Indah Golf’s Pantai Indah Kapuk course in North Jakarta, posting a flawless final round 68 and a total of -16 for the tournament. The Indian had led from day one of the Open having posted a sizzling 64 during the opening round. A combination of confidence, patience, and an exhibition of long straight driving, alongside a sound short game, was the difference between Bhullar and the rest of the field.

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Gunung Salak

Zen Golf: Stay and Play at Lido Lakes

We have all heard and used Robert Frost’s metaphoric phrase, ‘to take the path less traveled’ but how many of us can say that we actually have? For golfers around Jakarta that less traveled path is the one that leads to the Lido Golf Club and Resort in the mountains just outside of Bogor. Quietly nestled between mount Salak, Pangrango and Gede75km from Jakarta, the Lido G.C. rewards golfers who are willing to make the trek with one of the most serene 18-holes in all of West Java.

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Henrik Stenson

How the OWGR is misused (part 1)

World professional golf is played on different, separate and regional tours: in declining importance (read: prize money) the six leading tours US PGA Tour, European Tour, Japan Golf Tour, South African Sunshine Tour, Asian Tour and Australasian Tour. Other smaller tours are the Canadian Tour, OneAsia, Latinoamerica, Korean Tour and the 2nd divisions of the US Tour ( and the European Tour (Challenge Tour). The US Tour is by far the richest: to be accepted on the official tour agenda, an event must offer a minimum total purse of $ 6.5 million, of which $ 1 million goes to the winner.

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Artists of the Landscape

Artists of the Landscape Part II

The Great Depression and WWII created a void in golf courses development, but this was almost singularly filled by Robert Trent Jones, a talented and energetic golf architect with a supreme sense of showmanship. Trent Jones actually started his career as a golf professional and although he was an excellent golfer, health issues drove him away from tournament golf towards his other passion of golf course design.

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Sentul Highlands

Sentul Highlands

Sentul Highlands is a challenging and charming golf course designed by Gary Player in the beautiful mountainous region of Bogor in Sentul City. The course was constructed in 1997 and like all great golf course architects’, Mr Player has made good use of the hilly terrain and majestic local natural vegetation to create this impressive golf establishment which will cater for all levels of golfers. The course is located amongst the Sentul Highlands residential developments, and the golf course at times takes the golfer on a tour of some architecturally impressive, luxury homes adjacent to several of the fairways as you weave your way through the 18 holes.

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The Scoring Academy: Learn to Putt like a Tour Pro

Capture speed does not refer to how fast the authorities can apprehend a suspect. To be successful on the putting green, one must be able to have a relatively consistent, optimum capture speed. That is, the speed a ball is travelling when it reaches the front lip of the hole. Golfers should know that the faster the ball is travelling when it gets to the hole, the smaller the usable hole becomes. This is why when determining whether to be a charger(someone that likes to “run” the ball at the hole) or a trickler(one that likes to have the ball “die” at the hole), neither is right or wrong. One is just not as smart as the other.

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TaylorMade SLDR

TaylorMade Golf Introduces SLDR: Company’s Longest Driver Ever

Following three weeks of buzz on the PGA and European tours sparked by the release of a prototype driver, TaylorMade Golf today announced the official arrival of SLDR – a revolutionary new club featuring a sliding weight system engineered to launch the golf ball high, fast and long. How long? Tests show that SLDR is the longest driver in company history.

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Tee Set - Jakarta

Tee Set Jakarta

Tee Set is one of Jakarta’s very oldest Golf Societies and traces its history back many years to the early 1980s when it was founded by a bunch of not very good but extremely enthusiastic expats looking for fun and golf on Sunday. Tee Set plays on a wide variety of Jakarta’s courses, though we try to avoid the ones charging more than about Rp. 850,000, all in on the grounds that this is no longer fun. The past month of October has been not been untypical as we have played regular Sunday handicap events at Pondok Cabe, Pangkalan Jati and Rancamaya and the Monthly Stableford round at Matoa, while also participating in the 7th round of the 8 man Inter-League team event at Jagorawi.

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