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Curious Tales from the Golf Course 1

By: The Golf Nut's

Cow on golf course

Cows grazing on the Army Golf course in Bhutan are something of the norm. Photo courtesy of:

From: “the Golf Nut’s Book of Amazing Feats & Records by Bruce Nash, Allan Zullo with George White.

Most Countries Played in One Day by a Golfer

5 countries
Simon Clough and Boris Janjic, 1992

Golfers Simon Clough and Boris Janjic played one round of golf in five different countries – in one day!

On June 12, 1992, they played rounds in France, Luxembourg, Germany, Holland and Belgium.

Clough was an English golf pro at Bossenstein Golf Club in Belgium. Janjic was an Australian golf pro at Henry-Chapelle Golf & Business Club, also in Belgium. While relaxing at the 19th hole, the two decided to see how many countries they could play in one day. So, with the help of selected golf courses that agreed to give them preferential treatment on the links, Clough and Janjic set out to establish a world record. Attesting to the legitimacy of their odyssey was a member of the Belgian Golfers Union, who acted as an official referee.

At each course, they players golfed as fast as they could – averaging a little more than two hours a round – with their wives riding in carts that carried the clubs. As soon as they finished their rounds, the pros hopped into their car and zoomed off to the next course in another country.

They completed the challenge with a respectable 77.2 per round. Not only that, Clough hit a course record on the final round.

Amazingly, Clough and Janjic managed to accomplish their feat  in just over 16 hours  – and that includes the driving time needed to cover 273 miles.  Here it would probably take 16 hours to cover that distance but does beg the question…how many courses can be covered in one day in and around Jakarta?

Unfortunately there is no record of the courses they played on!

Most Strokes Needed by a Pro Putting from Three Feet Away

12 strokes
Brian Barnes
1968 French Open
St. Cloud, France

Brian Barnes, a British Ryder Cup player, was among the leaders in the second round of the 1968 French Open. But he lost his composure on the short par-3 eighth hole.

Putting for a bogey four from four feet away, Barnes tried to rake the ball into the hole like an irate Monte Carlo croupier at the craps table. But it was no dice holing out.

Barnes then lost the plot and, seemingly, knowledge of the Royal & Ancient. He turned his putter into a hockey stick and batted the ball to and fro, while it was still moving but this was to no avail.

He imagined the ball was a mouse and tried swiping it with the club but that didn’t work either. He then stood astride the line of the putt and became a croquet player

His astonished, and perhaps slightly concerned, playing partner  tried frantically to keep score, but wasn’t sure what he had seen or how many of them. The marker asked the seething Barnes, “Well, when you catch your ass in a buzz, it’s not too easy to tell how many teeth bit you. What did you make?”

Barnes roared “Twelve!” But that was only for his performance on the green. He actually shot 15 for the hole.

We should point out thought that Brian Barnes was no Sunday morning hacker causing tailbacks on the first hole. He won nine European tours between 1972 and 1981 and even beat a certain gentleman named Jack Nicklaus twice in on day.

Most Cows Killed by a Tee Shot

1 cow
W.J. Robinson
Kent Golf Course

On the 18th hole of a 1934 match at a golf course in Kent, English pro W.J. Robinson was gunning for a birdie. He scored a cow instead.

Back then, cows were allowed to graze in the rough. Robinson launched a tee shot that soared off the fairway and struck a grazing cow square on the back of the head, killing the poor animal instantly.

Robinson had a story he could retell for years to come while what happened to the cow, and its family, is not known.

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