Curious Tales from the Golf Course Tiger’s Sundays in Red

Matthew Ninan

Aug 15,2014

Curious Tales from the Golf Course Tiger’s Sundays in Red

Anyone who watches golf know Tiger Woods always wears red on Sunday. I think by now it is fairly well known that for Tiger to wear a red or a predominantly red polo shirt on the Sundays of a professional golf tournament is a given, it’s like his lucky charm.
At least that is what he seems to be believe, although he once explained it like the following: “I wear red on Sundays because my mom thinks that that’s my power color, and you know you should always listen to your mom.”
Probably he might have started like that, but when he saw that he was regularly winning in the reds, which he did during his initial years, he must have begun to believe that it must be really true. To add to that there are some quirky studies saying:
Several years ago scientists from the University of Durham in England found that competitors and teams that wore predominantly red colored jerseys won more often than those who wore blue or white!
If that be the case, why did Germany win the coveted World Cup 2014 less than a fortnight ago draped in white? And wasn’t the other finalist Argentina in full blue, even dark blue!
Sometimes we must take scientific studies with a pinch of salt…
Let us rewind: it’s the British Open 2014, at Royal Liverpool in Hoylake, England. As we all know now Tiger wasn’t particularly doing anything spectacular for whatever reasons. In fact he was struggling off and on. But still fighting. On the golf course, at least, we know that he never gives it up. Come Sunday 20th July, fourth and final day of the British Open. End of third round he (219) was 19 shots behind the leader, the ultimate winner Rory McIlroy (200). On a links course with that kind of a deficit you can never imagine to win and that too fighting a golf prodigy in McIlroy. Either Tiger has to play supremely well or Rory should be at his absolute dumbest form to give a chance to Tiger to establish the validity of his superstition or belief that his red shirt will carry him through.
But the point that struck me most was that even on this Sunday with the scoreboard reading as it was Tiger walked up to the first tee-box in his usual red. With 19 shots off the leader on the start of the fourth day Tiger in his lucky red attire; was it his height of hopefulness or height of confidence?
End of the day he struggled to finish with a 75.  That left him a staggering 22 shots behind McIlroy before he even teed off.
Well to be honest, to me, I’m more than certain that Woods would have exactly the same number of wins even if he wore parrot green or baby blue every Sunday.

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