Distance Without Compromise: Titleist Introduces New 915

Press Release

Dec 12,2014

Jakarta (Nov 20th 2014) – New Titleist 915 drivers, are unleashed to Indonesian golfers at Royale Jakarta Golf club Driving Range.

Titleist Indonesia put on a fun launching weekend where golfers could test out the whole range of 915 products.
Attendees could compete in a longest drive competition complete with TRACKMAN monitoring, and the longest recorded drive would win a brand new 915 driver!
The winner was expat Golfer: leftie Greg Hayne who spanked 281m with the 915 D2 9.5 fitted with the Fujikura Speeder 652. This is what he had to say about the 915: “It’s really forgiving, even if I don’t catch the sweet spot it still goes long!”

Greg Hayne 915

The improved performance of Titleist 915 drivers, underlining the Titleist Golf Club R&D team’s driver design strategy of “distance and forgiveness,” is the result of three key advancements:
• The proprietary Active Recoil Channel, a long, wide and deep sole channel that actively flexes at impact and recoils to launch the ball off the face with higher speed and lower spin;
Radial Speed Face, a high-speed forged face insert with a radially thinner perimeter in the heel and toe, which works with the Active Recoil Channel to increase ball speed on off-center hits; and
• A precise, high-MOI design with a low and deep center of gravity location that delivers stability and forgiveness by preserving off-center ball speed for more distance, more often.
Those technologies, combined with the fitting precision of Titleist’s industry-leading SureFit Tour hosel and tour-validated looks, sound and feel, make for the most complete, consistent driver performance in the game.

“The new 915 drivers are a game-changer for us,” said Dan Stone, Vice President of Research and Development, Titleist Golf Clubs. “We’ve increased speed and lowered spin without sacrificingMOI or forgiveness – and we’re the first to get that combination right.
“The Active Recoil Channel is a major technical leap in the area of spin reduction. In player testing, we’ve seen significant distance gains, up to 15 yards for players who need spin control.

The 915D2 driver is a 460cc full-pear shaped head designed for maximum forgiveness and a slight draw bias. The 915D3 features a 440cc pear shape that is forgiving and workable, and offers 250rpm less spin than 915D2 to produce a lower peak trajectory. Both models launch similar to their previous generation Titleist 913 models.
Eighteen players put new 915 drivers into play the first week they were available at the PGA Tour’s QuickenLoan Invitational in late June – including Geoff Ogilvy, who trusted his 915D2 9.5º driver to victory at the Barracuda Championship a few weeks later. Twenty-four players used 915 drivers in early August at the PGA Championship, as the momentum continued to build on the PGA Tour and across the worldwide professional tours.

LOWER SPIN, HIGHER SPEED THROUGH NEW ACTIVE RECOIL CHANNEL: The new Active Recoil Channel – a long, wide, deep channel, positioned along the sole of the club head, close to the leading edge – delivers more distance by actively flexing at impact to launch the ball with lower spin and higher speed.
The Active Recoil Channel (ARC™) allows the entire clubface, both crown and sole, to deflect at impact for high speed. (Clubs without ARC technology have a more rigid sole and deflect mostly in the face and crown at impact resulting inless speed and higher spin.)

INCREASED BALL SPEED THROUGH RADIAL SPEED FACE: Working in combination with the Active Recoil Channel, the Radial Speed Face insert increases ball speed on off-center hits for moredistance and more consistent speeds across the clubface.
The high-speed, variable thickness face insert has a central thick portion, but is thinner and organically tapered as you move out from center. During the development of 915, Titleist R&D identified specific areas on the face insert, particularly in the heel and toe, which could be thinned further to increase performance on off-center hits.

HIGH MOI DESIGN FOR DISTANCE AND FORGIVENESS: Distance gains from the Active Recoil Channel and Radial Speed Face are preserved by the 915’s precise, high-MOI design.
“Many golfers understand high MOI as straightness or accuracy, but high MOI is truly about speed and distance,” Stone said. “It’s about maintaining speed across the face for increased distance consistency. We’ve added great performance with the Active Recoil Channel and Radial Speed Face to lower spin and increase speed, and by having high MOI we don’t have to give any of it up.”

INDUSTRY-LEADING ADJUSTABILITY WITH SUREFIT TOUR HOSEL: The distance potential and complete performance of Titleist 915 drivers can be further refined through precision fitting using Titleist’s patented, industry-leading SureFit Tour adjustable hosel technology.
The Titleist 915 driver hosel is compatible with 913 and 910 model shafts.
915D2 is available in 7.5º, 8.5º, 9.5º, 10.5º and 12º lofts. 915D3 is available in 7.5º, 8.5º, 9.5º, and 10.5º.(7.5º lofts are RH only and available through custom.)

PLAYER TESTING RESULTS: In player testing, golfers that had previously played a 913D2 experienced an average of 115rpm (and up to 300rpm) lower spin with the new 915D2 model – with an average of three yards (and up to 15 yards) more carry distance.
Golfers who previously played a 913D3 saw an average of 250rpm (and up to 500 rpm) lower spin with the new 915D3 – with an average of nine yards (and up to 20 yards) more carry distance.
With both 915 models, players experienced more consistent speeds and lower spin across the facethan their 913 drivers.

915 DRIVERS ON TOUR: 915 DRIVERS ON TOUR: More than 25 players on the PGA Tour have relied upon new 915 drivers in competition since the tour seeding and validation process began in late June, as well as nearly 100 players across the worldwide professional tours – including Adam Scott (915D3 10.5º), Zach Johnson (915D2 8.5º), Jimmy Walker (915D2 9.5º), Bill Haas (915D2 8.5º) and Graham DeLaet (915D3/7.5).
Geoff Ogilvy was one of 18 players to put a new 915 driver in play the first week it was available at the Quicken Loans Invitational at Congressional Country Club. A few weeks later, Ogilvy played his 915D2 9.5º model in winning the Barracuda Championship for his first PGA Tour title in four years. He also finished tied for second at the Deutsche Bank Championship in September. 

TOUR Championship by Coca-Cola - Round Two

Jimmy Walker: “The golf ball comes off more consistent. We don’t always hit it in the center of the club, and I think mishits are coming off with a lot more control than they used to. When you mishit shots, the ball is still coming off with ample amount of speed whereas before in previous driver versions, if you hit one off the center of the club face a little bit, you were seeing a dramatic drop in speeds and increases in spin. This new driver, the 915, if you’re just off center a little bit, it’s really keeping the speed up, keeping the spin down, and allowing you to hit better shots more consistently.”

In addition, Titleist offers an industry-leading number of custom shaft choices.
PRICE AND AVAILABILITY: The new 915D2 and 915D3 drivers will be available in Indonesian golf shops beginning Nov. 21.
INDONESIAN CONTACT: Feby Riani, Marketing Manager (feby@snd.co.id); Tel: 081222454528)