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Djakarta Old Golf Society

By: D.O.G.S.

Djakarta Old Golf Society

‘The group plays with a very relaxed and friendly yet competitive atmosphere (some would say too relaxed!) with all standards of players welcome.’

Djakarta Old Golf Society, more appropriately known as the D.O.G.S. have been playing in the Jakarta area since 2005. The original D.O.G.S. was established in Manila. The Jakarta President, Fritz Hainzl, carried the name and theme to Jakarta. The number of group members quickly multiplied as the Austrian/German golf group amalgamated along with another large group of golfers, the BOCs.

The number of members grows on an almost weekly basis and has exceeded 1,000 past and present D.O.G.S. members. Each weekend sees a turnout of 40+ members to compete for the Big Dog title, which is fought for over a six week period for each tournament. This consists of an Eclectic competition and a Best Four Lowest Gross competition.

D.O.G.SFor the Eclectic champion, a player’s best score from each hole over the course of the competition is used to determine the overall champion. The Lowest Gross champion is determined by averaging a player’s best four gross scores over the six weeks. The winner of the Eclectic takes home the coveted Big Dog and earns the privilege to wear a D.O.G.S blue jacket.

Each weekly game also has a Stableford competition to determine the weekly champion. The winner of the weekly honours takes home a Small Dog which is almost as sought after as the big guy. Each player’s Stableford result is used to modify handicaps and comply with PGA rules.

No matter what standard of golfer shows up to join the group’s weekly round, there is always a chance to win a prize as there are also prizes given out for lowest putting, highest gross, most exercise, nearest to the pin, longest drive, and drive and pitch which ensures smiles for everyone.

The venue for each tournament is selected from some 20 worldclass golf courses in and around Jakarta that supports the D.O.G.S. These golf courses give the D.O.G.S. very favourable weekend rates for play.

The group plays with a very relaxed and friendly yet competitive atmosphere (some would say too relaxed!) with all standards of players welcome. Each week we see beginners to scratch handicaps showing up to meet and challenge players from various companies and countries from all over the world. To date the lowest gross stands at 68 and respective highest gross 168 (both achieved on the same day).

If you are a new arrival to Jakarta and would like to play but you are worried about not knowing anyone in the group, worry no longer as the group will quickly adopt you and pair you up with a flight.

D.O.G.SAs a non-profit and selfsupportive group, weekly fees and fines are very small and are used solely to purchase trophies and prizes. Some companies choose to sponsor the group, which enables them to get their company name and logo advertised.

The general idea of the D.O.G.S. is to get acquainted with new and old friends or associates and without a minimum number of games to show up for, players may play as much or little as they like. Many who fly in for short business or leisure trips know they can easily join the group and many who have left Indonesia for new ventures still choose to remain on the mailing list in order to keep updated on the schedules.

If you would like to join the group for a great golfing day out, simply drop an email to Don’t forget to bring your sense of humour with you!

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  1. Pieter Nielen-Groen says:

    Played once before with you at Rancamaya. Interested in playing more frequently. Planning on coming to Riverside for Sat. 6th Aug.


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