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G30 Iridium Lenses – The Perfect Lenses for Today’s Golfer

By: Simon Reynolds

Ian Poulter Oakleys

Ian Poulter Oakleys

I remember watching golf in the summer of 2001 following my hero, on Star Sports Asia, David Duval with his M-Frame Oakley’s wrapped around his face, protecting his eyes from the British summer sun, on his way to an Open Championship victory. In today’s world Golfing world, when you think Oakley eyewear you may think of Adam Scott, Ian Poulter, it is a brand associated with sporting excellence, a brand associated with champions.

At this year’s CIMB Niaga Indonesian Masters, we had the chance to sit down with Oakley’s South-East Asian Regional Development Co-Ordinator Andrew McMahon to find out just what options we have as golfers with the Oakley eyewear range. As a golfer I was curious to find out, which the perfect lenses are to protect my pupils from bright tropical sunlight whilst looking sharp at the same time? Could sunglasses really make me perform better as a golfer?

As a Golfer, Oakley offers us a wide range of different frames with a variety of lenses. The frame is a matter of style and preference, but in terms of the lenses performance what are the highest performing lenses specifically designed for the game of golf?
We have the G30 lenses, which have been designed and developed specifically for golf. They come in both a polarized version and a non-polarized. They are the best lenses for improving depth perception. You will see a number of the Asian Tour players using them this week like Thongchai, Kiradech and many others. They will allow you to read the greens better, they will show you depressions and show you exactly how the greens are actually cut. Most importantly they will pick up the white ball better to your eyes.

What are the performance differences between Oakley’s regular black iridium polarized lenses and the G30 lenses?
The clarity is the same, for all our lenses we don’t skimp on the clarity. The actual tint on the light that is coming through the G30 lenses and how your brain perceives it, we have tweaked that to an extent that it is going to improve your golf game. The G30 lenses wont make any difference off the tee, but as soon as you get on and around the greens, the G30 will allow you to pick up the details of the green far better. Oakley have spent 5 years in research and development with the G30 lenses, and we can guarantee they will help you read the greens far better in sunny condition when your eyes are naturally being strained by the bright light and UV rays directly from the sun. You will pick up the slope variables, you will see the cut, how these will change the way the ball will potentially roll, giving you all the information, before you go ahead and putt the ball with confidence.

The black iridium polarized lenses look far darker to the naked eye and one cannot see the eyes of the wearer, with the G30 lenses the eyes can be seen. Does this affect the lenses overall UV protection to the golfers eyes?
The material Oakley use for all our lenses is called: Plutonite, Oakley is the only brand in the world that uses it. It is the highest level of Polycarbonate, it is 100% UV protective in its raw form. Therefore it doesn’t matter if our lenses are clear, polarized, black, orange, red, Oakley lenses are all 100% UV Protective.

The conditions for the last two days at Royale Jakarta Golf Club have been incredibly hot and sunny, would you still advise a recreational golfer to use the orange G30 lenses or adopt the darker shades of the black iridium polarized lenses? Adam Scott always seems to opt for the darker black lenses.
In hot and sunny conditions like today, I would be walking out there with the G30 polarized lenses. The G stands for golf, the 30 stands for 30% light transferring through the lenses. Then with the polarized filter added to it, it takes the harshness out of the light. It takes away the white light. It is generally the white or blue light rays that make your eyes squint. The polarized filter repels these lights for added comfort. Creating a smoother light that comes through to your eyes. It creates the happy medium, for example when you find yourself playing out of trees the lenses will still be bright enough for you not to have to remove the glasses for the shot as you may need to do when wearing black iridium lenses. The black iridium polarized lenses will only allow 10% of the light through so golfer may find themselves removing their glasses at particular moments during the round. In courses with lots of water, or lots of sand there will be lots of glare reflecting of the surface, or the early morning tee time it’s a beautiful day and there is a bit of dew on the ground, you will get some reflective light off the fairway, that is where the polarized come into its own.

Which frame options can the golfer purchase the G30 lenses with?
It comes with all of our sports frames. The radar lock is a great option because it has the easy interchangeable feature where you can alternate with different lenses options, the ‘switch lock’ system. The Radar series comes in 17 different frame colours, so the fashionable types can work towards finding their favourite colour combinations. We are developing our ‘Custom programme’ so you can walk into one of our O-Stores, so you can say I want this pink frame with the G30 lenses for golf, and the guys in store will build it for you. So you can wear the Pink frames just like Ian Poulter (see picture).

Oakley FastJacket with G30 lenses

Oakley FastJacket with G30 lenses

Which are the best stores in Indonesia with the largest selection of Oakley eyewear and golf products in store?
The O-Store in Grand Indonesia is recommended, we are about the roll out the full: Custom Range into this store. We also have Oakley products for sale in 60 Golf House stores throughout the country. There is also an O-Store in Senayan City. The O-Stores have a wider selection of products available in store.

Log into to find your local store to find Oakley products.

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