Golf Course Birdie Ends Up as Sausage Meat

Antony Sutton

Jun 18,2014

Rhea on the loose in the English Countryside. Photo courtesy of

Golfers love a birdie. Indeed, the game would be rather dull without an eagle or an albatross to strive for. But a rhea?
Members of the Barkway Park Golf Club got a bit of a surprise in April when they were advised to beware of an escaped rhea.

The six foot flightless bird that is native to South America had escaped from its nearby enclosure and taken refuge for a while on the golf course a few miles north-west of London.
Police warned the public not to approach the bird, saying it was tall and had sharp claws but it seems the bird was not a danger on the course. Indeed, it may have been the one in danger as the news of its new home attracted new hackers keen on following up their birdie on the 16th with a rhea on the 17th!
Alas, there was to be no happy ending to this tale. The bird wandered on to some adjoining private land and was shot by the gamekeeper there and made into gourmet sausages!

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