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Introducing Free Minds Sunglasses

By: Simon Reynolds

Giuseppe Andretto

Golf Indonesia gets up close and personal with the chief designer and engineer: Mr. Giuseppe Andretto.

Q: Giuseppe, a brief introduction, where is your hometown in Italy?
A: Our company: Free Minds (FREEM) is located in Treviso, North Eastern Italy, close to Venice. This area of Italy is notorious through history for the production and manufacturing of sports equipment.

Q: What is your professional background? Have you always been involved in manufacturing high quality sport equipment?
A: Professionally, I have always had a very technical background. I started my professional life working for a company as CAD-CAM programmer than I spent seven years as technical 3D CAD designer. After over four years in the research & development division of a sport group, in 2001 with two other friends, we founded the Free Minds’ company. The company focus: specializing in hi-profile driver products. You may say that my technical background and experience in manufacturing technical sports equipment for high performance drivers, has given me a huge advantage in designing and developing a sport product like golf sunglasses. An advantage for many reasons: mainly for the correct choice of materials and technology applied towards the production and overall performance of the final product.

Q: Eyesight and vision is essential for all golfers, for their ability to judge distances, read the putting greens, spot hazards. What do the FREEM sunglasses offer the golfer which make them unique and high performing in comparison to other manufacturers?
A: As a new arrival to the golf industry, in the presence of big brands like Oakley and Bolle, a big advantage of our products is: they are not developed starting from a purely commercial perspective. We saw the product development of our golf sunglasses fundamentally on a technical and performance level whilst maintaining an element of traditional Italian style and aesthetics. The vision of our product: placing the golfer at the very center of the projects priority: observing what they need on the greens and on the course. Researching the strains and demands the golfers eyes face during a round of golf and developing sunglasses that can cater to the very needs of the discerning active golfer.

Q: What motivated you to produce sunglasses for the golf industry?
A: We recognized that many of the sunglasses currently sold in the golf market had much room for improvement, with regards to: overall weight, ergonomics and specific lense performances.

We started to work on our golf eyewear frame incorporating an innovative lightweight compound in which carbon fibre increases the overall flexibility by 45% without any effect on the strength and durability of the product.  During the second step we worked on the ergonomics, in order to keep the sunglasses stable during the golf swing. Last but not least – our importance was to focus on the lense performance. Our lenses we have opted for are not common sunglasses lenses but instead: photochromic polyurethane lenses developed for the military field. Usually for ballistic use, high-impact resistance and very clear vision for a true perception of colours and distance in all weather types and sunlight conditions.

Free Minds SunglassesQ: What is the mission and how would you describe the vision of FREEM sunglasses?
A:  The FREEM company is committed towards developing unique and high performance sunglasses. They are  100% handmade and innovative design with top quality and tried and tested materials, specific for the golf and leisure use. Our mission is to always supply the best eyewear products for our target market and consumers.

Q; Around the world, Italy is considered the leading nation in fashion and style. How important was the style and design in the final production of the FREEM sunglasses for Golf?
A: Our brand is a 100% Italian authentic brand manufactured and developed in Italy. I am confident that golfers will appreciate our truly exclusive professional product.

Q: As lovers of Italian food, Golf Indonesia is curious about your favourite Italian dish and your favourite food you sampled on your recent trip to Jakarta.
A: What you say is true, in Italy we have a deep passion for food, personally for the pasta mainly, but honestly when I travel I want to appreciate local food because it is the best way to understand the culture and lifestyle of a different Country. I travel frequently and my last trip was my first time in Indonesia, I enjoyed the local food immensely, the diversity the richness in flavours and also the warm friendly people I so often encountered.

Q: What did you love the most about your recent visit to Indonesia’s bustling capital city, Jakarta?
A: This was my first trip in Indonesia and the total visit was only two days. This did not really give me enough time to appreciate Indonesia as a country but what I did see and what I did appreciate was the people, always very pleasant and friendly. I hope to be back as soon as possible, to this wonderful nation.

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