Jakarta Inter-League Final Round

Anthony King

Nov 6,2014

Jakarta Inter-League Final Round

Well the September penultimate round certainly put ‘the cat amongst the pigeons’.

 Up until that month it looked plain sailing for Cloggies to once again lift the trophy but they were humbled by a truly resurgent JLI with a thumping of 8:2. This result clawed back the lead to a measly four points going into the final round.  As if this was not a big enough surprise Pocksia failed to field a team and so gifted maximum points to MadDogs. TeeSet continued with their tentative steps to become a potential winner and Sentul maintained their humble record of never scoring more than 4 points in any of the monthly clashes.
So October was all set to produce a memorable climax to the season. All teams duly assembled at Jagorawi Golf club for the morning mini-shotgun start. In fact there were another 7 groups who came along to play and join in with the post golf festivities. With potentially four teams who could win, tensions were running high and players could be seen showing bravado in between touches of nail biting. This seasons leaders Cloggies were up against a formidable opponent and also last year’s champions Sandbaggers  who lifted the trophy on a countbcak ruling against the same opposition. Interestingly these two teams are captained by husband and wife and so can only imagine ‘at-home’ conversations as each plotted their way to trying to secure victory.  The top singles pitted Simon  the club men’s runner-up against the Sandbaggers captain  Kees– sadly the expected close encounters was not to be and Cloggies hit the first points. However, ‘DelBoy’ a returnee for  Sandbagger who had been practicing in the wilds of Scotland evened the scores as he overcame a normally most reliable Rio. The pairings were evenly balanced battles but with Cloggies settling for two from three victories. This meant that at 6:4 the chasing pack had an opening.
Second place JLI were facing Tin Cups and this had to be a convincing win for JLI in order to close the gap on the leaders. Sadly the early season steam had been exhausted and Tin Cups came storming through 7:3.Tin Cup’s player of the Season Joseph continued in fine form and led the victory from the front with a convincing win despite having to give his opponent a bundle of shots. Intriguingly the other singles pitted TinCups deputy Captain  David playing a lady Alice off similar handicaps but as quoted later “I let her win as I am a gentleman!!!!

Founded over 30 years ago, Pocksia
Founded over 30 years ago, Pocksia

Thanks to the gift of maximum points Mad dogs were another team who had the chance to take the title and were facing Sentul Swingers. This certainly had all of the makings of a major win as poor Sentul struggled this season and had already suffered  a whitewash. However this month Sentul continued in its latest trend of scrambling 4 points leaving only 6 for Mad Dogs.  Mad Dogs sent out two ladies to compete in the singles and obviously the tactic worked as both came home with the full points. The doubles were sufficiently close enough that either side could have won however, it was a little too little too late for Mad Dogs.
Tee Set  faced Pocksia requiring a clean sweep to win but at the finale they could only manage a split scoreline. Mike playing singles seemed to be strolling to victory until a late charge from Glen clawed back a four hole deficit to even the score.Two other games went to the wire, one included your part-time Editor from Golf Indonesia tabloid, with each of the teams winning by the narrowest of margins of one hole.

Thanks for the beers Jeremy, and nice Hole in One!
Thanks for the beers Jeremy, and nice Hole in One!

So the Cloggies became the 2014 champions after what seemed to be a ‘walk in the park’ turned into a jaw-clenching tightrope walk for the season’s ending. Second place saw two teams tied on points but the award went to Mad Dogs as in the very first round they beat Tee Set and so Tee Set had to settle for third. At the other end of the table Sentul never managed to get off the bottom!!
As any golfer knows the buring ambition is to get that magical ‘Hole in One’ and during the October league Jeremy achieved this feat. Whilst not his first and even not his first in the JIL it still remains a commendable achievment. From his perspective it wasn’t quite the same as the Committee had decided to move the ‘Nearest the Pin’ hole for this month’s tournament  and so didn’t win that prize.

Team  Profiles
We complete the round up of this year’s Inter-League season with the team profiles of the swingers from Sentul and one of the oldest members of the JIL: Pocksia:

Sentul Swingers           
As people looked to live outside of central Jakarta Sentul became close but far enough and many golfers moved there. A group in 2003 decided to form a golfing fraternity for those living in Sentul and their golfing ventures tended to favour South Jakarta. Since joining JIL they have seen a change as golfers move away and so they now extend membership to friends of Sentul. This group is the only team that has a unique golfing song that is oft heard echoing around Jagorawi. So if you want to become a friend of Sentul Swingers contact Viggo Kristoffersen [  viggonarvik@gmail.com ]

One of the first members of the JIL and founded over 30 years ago when Jakarta only boasted 9 courses. Interestingly the name stemmed from the originally called POCK [being an anagram for POMS (English), OCKERS (Australians), CLOGHEADS (Dutch) and KIWIS (New Zealanders Nationalities of the early members and the Groups was). As South Africans Indonesian and Americans joined the group’s name expanded to what it is known as today. The Group has also an infamous ‘Blue Book’ for honesty of handicaps but still continues to be a social group enjoying golf around Jakarta. Whilst Captains change regularly the person to contact is John Lee [ john.lee@indii.co.id ]