Jakarta Inter-League – Round 5

Anthony King

Aug 15,2014

Jakarta Inter-League – Round 5

All of the players applauded the news that Tika [Tin Cups]had been awarded a 100% golfing scholarship in USA.
Wari [Tin Cups] was delighted to inform us that she has been seleced to represent PNG.
Match Reports
Cloggies, up against their nemisis team [TinCups] saw singles Disney Dave return from his vacation ready for battle with Joseph and what a battle that went to the wire with Joseph just holding onto the one hole advantage. Captain-of-the-day Bags thought that his previous month’s victory was purely because he is a better singles player but it turned out to be a gross misapprehension on his part as Robot Rio eased to a 3:1 win.  The big upset came from the pairings of Peter and Schumaker Hans as they overcame Wari/James by winning the final hole with both Cloggies shooting net birdies on hole #5. The Captain’s wife of TinCups [Siti] put in a rare appearance after jetting around Japan and partnered  Ryan who has a power fade [or often huge slice]. Cloggies Captain-of-the-day BB played with Cigar Nic who turned out to be the lonesome male in this flight against Margo/Dani. A final hole birdie by BB closed out the win.

Cloggies 6  :  Tin Cups 4
Second place Sandbaggers saw Grumpy panicking as he found himself three players short with only 30 minutes to tee off, fortunately the team was filled but no doubt this affected his game because he went down for his biggest ever defeat 5:4 against Neil. In the other singles Martin watched in horror to see his Captain fall in such a manner and thought that it must be tradition to follow the leader as he capitulated 4:3 against Mark. The borrowed TeeSetter Chris paired up with Clay and saw his former teammates Sombrero /Chris as opposition. Despite receiving a bucket load of shots the Sandbaggers never got their noses in front but thanks to a couple of net birdies on the final hole they managed to come out all square. The TeeSet captain Peter paired with the Geoff against Joe/Will and the match oscillated between one up to one down throughout and fitting ended all square. Fernando/Shawn versus ‘The Hack’ Simon/ ‘Past of nearly everything’ Ric was a comfortable victory for TeeSet.

 Sandbaggers 2  :  TeeSet 8
The resurgence of JLI saw the Captain stand down in favour of his namesake but the big question was would MadDogs come out of the kennel fighting. The singles pitted Deon/ Jiro take on Craig / Malcolm respectively. The former match went all the way with neither player showing true potential and a few holes won with bogey golf. The latter scorecard definitely ranks as the most bizarre scoring system I have ever witnessed but the result was a MadDogs win by 2:1. The ‘SourMash’ boys are back in town as they appear for the second consecutive month but sadly their previous glory came tumbling down as Ian/Robert took the game 2:1. Alice and Captain’s namesake took on Misa/Tahir and in yet another high scoring game the JLI came home 3:1. The final match was  an high-handicap affair of Luis/Paul up against Jeff/Xeno where shots were traded but JLI never looked threatened and came home comfortably as 4:3 winners

JLI 6  :  Mad Dogs 4
Having sent both their Captain and Vice-Captain away Sentul had to muddle through the pairings. ’Beamer’ Bob seemed to have  refound his golfing skills and saw off Phil although one has to ask what does Beamer’s score of ? on hole#1 mean. Howard was up against Stuart but never found any rythym  whilst Stuart only dropped a couple of shots on the first 9; so the inevitable result was 4:2 in favour of Pocksia. Chris/Al saw the Potter family on the tee box which was a surprise as Keith is usually playing singles.  However, the family pairing saw Sentul gain two more points and they wondered if either of the other  pairings could bring home at least an all square result.  Needless to say the answer was NO and in fact the closest they came was from Paul/ Andrew who only succumbed  3:2 against another family pairing of Captain John and Jane. In the other match Peter/Mike were right-royally drubbed 6:5 by Jeremy/Glen.

Pocksia 6  :  Sentul Swingers 4
Team of the Month: Jakarta Loose Impediments (JLI)
Originally in the Mid 90s and called the US Embassy Team as the team consisted of mostly embassy personal with a few members from various companies. After a few years and with the rotation of embassy personnel, the number of embassy golfers reduced.  As the US Embassy Team lost most of their golfers and others entered it was considered snesible to change the name and with the mix of people playing it became known as The Jakarta Loose Impediments [JLI]. Previously the team has won the league but more recently JLI has often struggled to field a full group but with the new Captain  [Brad Sincock who is contactable at brad.sincock@salamander-energy.com]; taking over and believing in the matchplay format he has put in place some strong building blocks. This is showing through and now JLI has moved into second place in the table. Now with a group of 20 players things look bright for  the future but as always Brad is always looking for new people to join the team.

Inter League: Table standings
TEAM                  1           2            3            4            5  Cumulative
Cloggies                 8           10            7            7           6            38
JLI                        5            5            6            6            6            28
Sandbaggers          5            8            7            4            2            26
Tin Cups               8            4            4            6            4            26
Tee Set                  4            5            6            3            8            26
Mad Dogs              6            6            3            6            4            25
Pocksia                  2            2            4            4            6            18
Sentul Swingers      2            0            3            4            4            13
Inter-League Points system:
Each match between teams is played out by 3 doubles games and 2 singles games: doubles victory is awarded 2 points, draw 1 point: For a singles game 2 point is awarded for victory and 1 point for a draw? A Grand Total of 10 points is available per match.