Jakarta Inter-Society Matchplay League Round 3

Anthony King

Jun 18,2014

Jakarta Inter-Society Matchplay League Round 3

So with 2014 rushing by and many peoples’ thoughts focused on the Legislative and Presidential elections, golfers in Jakarta have been contemplating the next round of the league season. Traditionally, this has been the point in the league where both front and rearguard positions start to get some clarity, would it be the same this year?
Cloggies, the front-runners, had several selection problems and had to dig into their pool of players [the attraction of this matchplay format is that it attracts sufficient people who wish to experience the thrills, frustration and spills] for their match against MadDogs. There have been many sides who have come unstuck against the resilience of MadDogs that was not to be the case as the Cloggies eased through 7:3.
Second placed Sandbaggers thought that this would be their golden opportunity to pick up a maximum 10 points as they were playing against the bottom positioned team. But this has to be put down as a missed opportunity because the Sentul Swingers claimed three points and whilst still rooted to the bottom of the table had a big smile on their faces that evening.

The most intriguing fixture this month was the battle between Tee Set and Tin Cups. It was always likely to be close and the score of 6:4 to Tee Set proved the case. In this battle was the fight of the leagues two lowest handicappers with Sam, from Tee Set defending an enviable record of having won all of his matches, against stalwart Joseph and age conquered youth with Sam failing in his quest. Another interest was to see how the editor of this magazine would fare against female competition? We can only put it down to chivalry that allowed Simon to give way to Ika a talented Indonesian female, who had been a member of the Indonesian National team in the last SEA Games, playing off a 4 handicap, losing 2&1.
Finally, we saw the continuance of a resurgent Jakarta Loose Impediments as they defeated Pocksia 6:4. This has been a major achievement for captain Brad as he has previously found it hard to field competitive teams but this year the spirit is high and is being showing in their results.
The skill prize awards showed an interesting result in that for long drives all winners hit between 230-240 metres [this was far shorter than the normal monthly winners but conditions were not in the golfers favour. In any event congratulations to Simon, Pieter and Ika [235, 237 & 231 mtrs respectively]
Closest to the Pin chucked up a real surprise as the leagues’ sacrificial player managed to get to 90cms to take the award — congratulations Bags [Tin cups]

Continuing our review of the participating teams we turn our attention to the oldest playing group in Indonesia; namely Tee Set. The Society holds a record that must stand up to global comparison in that for more than 30 years it has played every Sunday [through riots, overthrows, climatic calamities, global crises and etc etc… This Society has been known since inception as the most welcoming Group of golfers who embrace golfers of all genders and abilities. Throughout the years it has proven to be a wonderful haven for people who are on short term assignments in Jakarta or who are taking up the game and don’t want to be embarrassed or have not decided on which Golf Club to join. In addition to the welcoming atmosphere, the committee has a commitment to visit courses surrounding the Ibu Kota and to enable the members to enjoy the variety of golf offered in the city. The Group holds its own knockout competition where first time losers get another opportunity to even battle for the champions medal, monthly scramble medals, annual trips to Bandung and several other events. Finally, being a male golfer with this group can be hazardous, especially if the drive does not pass the Ladies’ Tee Box as your photo in a tutu could be spread far and wide!!!

If you are interested in joining Tee Set for a fun round of golf on a Sunday all the information can be found on their impressive website:
Jakarta Inter-Society Match-play Standings after Round 3:
Cloggies: 25 points
Sandbaggers: 20 points
Tin Cups: 16 points
JLI: 16 points
Mad Dogs: 15 points
Tee Set: 15 points
Pocksia: 8 points
Sentul Swingers: 5 points