Jakarta InterLeague – Round 2

Anthony King

May 8,2014

Jakarta InterLeague – Round 2

Despite considerable rain still hitting the Jagorawi course during the past weeks  it was amazingly dry and those who can get topspin drives were laughing with impressive distance on their tee shots.
Having the luxury of a mini-shotgun start means that all matches start at the same time. Yet somehow the traffic flow is rather like Jakarta traffic where one crawls at zero miles per hour and next moment hurtles along at 50 miles per hour only to hit the brakes for the next delay. On the  course, the first groups finished in under four hours whereas the latter groups were just over five hours. Sadly those who were out for five hours also had to contend with some 30 minutes of heavy rain.
Tee Set and Jakarta Loose Impediments battled to a respectable 5:5 draw, although the final match was determined as a draw based on the equivalent of a DuckworthLewis [for anyone who follows cricket] rain interrupted match calculation.
Tin Cups who were second in the table came under some pressure and went down 6:4 against Mad Dogs. This included an intriguing clash of female players who fought [definitely using the verbal interchange to great effect] throughout the match.
Pocksia stuggled in every match against Sandbaggers and the 8 points Sandbaggers earned promoted them to second place.
Last month’s table leaders took ’no prisoners’ Cloggies were ruthless and annihilated Sentul Swingers 10:0 which gives them a cushion of five points at this early stage.

This month saw one of the rare feats as Al Livingstone managed to win both the Longest Drive and also Closest to the Pin prizes [not certain when was the last time but this duo-achievement is not common].
So let’s consider the various teams and how they became attracted to the League.
Starting with the newcomers, Tin Cups, who back in 2009 were formed when the league was suddenly informed that one of the regular teams was withdrawing as the majority of their players had retired / gone overseas / were not in fighting condition.
So Jack [Captain Smooth-Ez] agreed to get players from other societies and also to introduce some of the up and coming Indonesian young players to the format of matchplay. Next hurdle was what name to call themselves and after some soul searching they remembered the Kevin Costner 1996 golf hustling film “Tin Cup” –  hence the name was etched.
Their first entrance into the campaign was truly magnificent and lived up to the hustling title as they were crowned champions. Since then they have remained as one of the most competitive groups and had several top three positions.  Throughout the league season Jack blends ladies and men, young and ‘not so young’, high and low handicappers together and it is now well known that the ladies are not nick-named Amazonians for nothing – with the forward tees and the power of these ladies it is quite daunting to watch. The young Indonesian players get a real test of character but are channeled thoughtfully by their Captain.
If anyone wishes to come along and join the league then contact one of the committee and appropriate arrangements can be made, please see below for contact details for each society. Also for players wishing to taste the atmosphere of the League come along and also enjoy a super special weekend rate. So good rates, great atmosphere, playing on one of the most well known courses in Jakarta and meeting  new golfers  is something special.

Society Contact details:
Cloggies.  Helmy de Korver.        helmydekorver@me.com
JLI.   Brad Sincock.      bsincock53@gmail.com
Mad Dogs.  Geoff Thompson.   geofft@cbn.net.id
Pocksia. John Lee.   john.lee@indii.co.id
Sandbaggers.  Kees de Korver.   kdekorver@me.com
Sentul Swingers. Viggo Kristofferson.  viggo@fastmail.fm
Tee Set. Peter Reichlmeier.   peter@seascapesurveys.com
Tin Cups.  Jack Calcote.    jecjkt@yahoo.com

CLOGGIES: 18 points
SANDBAGGERS: 13 points
TIN CUPS: 12 points
MAD DOGS: 12 points
TEE SET: 9 points
POCKSIA: 4 points