Jakarta’s BWA Golf Day at Matoa National

Antony Sutton

Jul 9,2014

Jakarta’s BWA Golf Day at Matoa National

The British Women’s Association held a friendly golf day at Matoa Nasional in South Jakarta recently. Nearly 50 ladies gathered to try their luck on the gentle course and of course sample some of the beverages available from the cocktail cart!
I arrived and was greeted by Elaine with the welcoming words ‘thanks for coming but you would be better off coming in October. That is our big golf day when more than 80 ladies turn up, many dressed in pink, to raise money for breast cancer’.

No problem. That sounded fun as well but here I was at the Matoa so I was going to make the best of it anyway and in my finest golf writing mode, I got straight down to the nitty gritty.


‘Tell me about the cocktail cart.’
‘Today is really a low key affair, there are only about 40 of us out, the cocktail cart is just a way to offer refreshments on the course and hopefully raise some money for out charities.’
Fair enough, I am always happy to drink for a good cause and I looked forward to sampling some of their wares on what promised to be a hot day.
‘We’re not very good,’ continued Elaine, ‘some of the ladies only started practising a few weeks ago for this event and that was the first time they had picked up a golf club but we are hoping it will be a good laugh, a good day out, that is the important thing.’
The ladies were making their way downstairs and I didn’t want to detain Elaine any longer than necessary so I asked one last question. Why had they chosen this particular course. It seemed a pretty difficult place to get to, down a few narrow, winding lanes in the nether regions of South Jakarta, beyond the commercial estate.
‘They treat us very well,’ came the reply. ‘They put together a good deal, we are not like the men who don’t mind how much they pay, and we enjoy our visits here.’ Ah, the value of good customer service!
With that, Elaine was on her way and the ladies boarded their carts to be taken to their starting holes with me walking behind, taking cover in the bushes and trying to observe course etiquette by keeping a low profile.
It got hot, very hot in fact, and the cocktail cart was kept busy, even selling a few beverages to more regular players with some gentle persuasion of course.


Pretty soon, the players were scattered all over the course, silly me thought they would be relatively bunched up, and as I wandered the course I soon found myself following groups of men, much to their and my surprise! I somehow found my way back to the clubhouse, the heat and the lack of hole numbers was disorientating, and I was grateful to find some solace in a couple of cans of a locally brewed amber nectar.
I soon found I was not alone as periodically caddie cartloads would stop by and top up for the next couple of holes while in the background there was the hooping and a hollaring of a successful put filling the air.
Unfortunately another appointment saw me leave before the awards, and feed, but I was keen to make a date in my diary for the BWA’s big golf day later in the year!
Dawn Rea, Kathy Hill, Trisna Younger, Kerri Anderson finished first with a Gross 73, Nett 60.4 and they they won beautiful teasers from Turkuas Gallery, Spa Vouchers for Feliz Salon and a team restaurant voucher.


In second place came Linda Wells, Jumida, Hetty Rubin, Rieka with a Gross 72, Net 62.4 – they took home some home fragrance hampers from Essential Bed & Bath, Kemang and spa vouchers for Rumah Yoga.
3rd place were Faye Forte, Amanda Laverick, Dot Potgeiter and Suzie Dann, Gross 76 Nett 64 – they won home fragrance hampers from Essential Bed & Bath, Kemang and spa vouchers from Feliz Salon.
Nearest to the pin Amanda Laverick and the longest drive, Monica Engstrom won a Union Jack bag with golf balls and spa and restaurant vouchers.
The BWA are very grateful to all the generous companies that donated the prizes, Jack at Asiaserv for the smoothies and Matoa Nasional for taking such good care of us. Also, a special mention for Kerri who came out on top at her last ever event. She is leaving Jakarta and has played a big part in organising some of our previous tournaments.
Like most golf events, BWA adopt the more the merrier approach to their events. If you are interested in a great day of golf in October in aid for breast cancer please contact, Jakarta’s British Women’s association would be more then happy to see you:
British Women’s Association
Kemang Pela Mampang Mampang
Prapatan Jakarta Selatan DKI Jakarta,
12720, Indonesia
Phone: +62 21 719 5283
Website: www.bwajakarta.org
E-mail: bwa@bwajakarta.org

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