Liga Mahasiswa Golf 2014 – Senayan National, 7th – 9th October 2014


Nov 6,2014

Liga Mahasiswa Golf 2014 – Senayan National, 7th – 9th October 2014

With the help of sport-mad CEO Ryan Gozali, since 2013, LIMA (Liga Mahasiswa) was created to create a sporting platform modelled on the University Sports programs in the United States. It is obvious one of the reasons The USA creates such a deep pool of young talent in all sports, the quality of their University Sports competition is obviously one of the main factors. LIMA is where young athletes here in Indonesia, can combine their educational studies, with top quality competition in their chosen sporting fields: Golf, Football, Basketball, Badminton, Tennis to name a few here of the well represented sports here in Indonesia.
CEO Ryan Gozali is determined to create the same sporting opportunities for Indonesia’s best University athletes and 2014 witnessed the 2nd edition of Liga Mahasiswa Golf which was played at Senayan National: 7th – 9th October 2014.

2nd place Best Gross overall: Ika Woro representing BINUS teeing off during her final round

A golfer from The University of Riau (UNRI), Angurah Baginda was crowned the Champion of the Individual Best Gross Category in the Liga Mahasiswa  (LIMA) Golf 2014 competetion from Senayan National.
Over three days and 54 holes, the golfer from Riau, Sumatra accumulated the least amount of strokes with 204: 68,66,70. Coming in second place in the Individual Best Category was female golfer Ika Woro representing Universitas Bina Nusantara (Binus) with 208 strokes: 67,67,74. Zaki Auliyan also representing the University of Riau and Angurah’s teammate: came in 3rd for the Individual Best Gross Category with 214 strokes over three days: 74,68,72.
Angurah Baginda competing in his first major golf competition and playing off a 6 handicap was delighted with his performance during the event and will represent Riau in the upcoming 2016 PON Games. He had this to say after his final round 70 (one over):
“I only found my rhythm in the final holes during this final round. Nonetheless I am very proud to be the champion of LIMA Golf 2014, as this is the first major golf tournament I have competed in!”
The great performances from Univerity of Riau’s: Angurah Baginda and Zaki Auliyan meant that UNRI picked up the Best Gross Team award with a total combined score of only 418 strokes. In the Best Gross team awards. Binus came close by in 2nd with 422 strokes thanks to solid golf from Female Champion and Male golfers; Cahyo Adihtomo and Dicky Prionggo.

Overall LIMA Golf will be proud of their 2nd edition of their golf event, and several other prizes were offered during the event, which can be seen below:

Picture 13

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