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Make The Most of your Practice

By: Adam Taylor

In these modern times, getting the time to practise your golf game can be extremely difficult. Because of this, making the most of your practise time has become even more important. Having a very simple practise structure will help you to target the key areas of your game that require the most improvement, and to effectively practise the clubs you use the most on the course.

Body Warm Up

This is an area that is forgotten by most players. For many people, a lot of the day is spent in an office chair or car, resulting in poor posture and muscle usage that are extremely important to hit the ball well. Performing some very simple stretching exercises is a great way to prepare the body for the golf swing.

Hip, Upper Body, Shoulder Stretch

Hip, Upper Body, Shoulder Stretch

Hip, Upper Body, Shoulder Stretch (Pic 1)

Bend down with your left leg in front of you, holding a club above your head. Slowly tilt you upper body to the left side and hold between 20-30 seconds. Then repeat the opposite for the other side.

Angel Wings Stretch (Pic 2)

Using a wall, place your heels about half the length of your feet away from the wall. Lean your hips, shoulders and head against the wall, then place your arms to the side of your body and lift up your toes and hold between 20-30 seconds. A great exercise to improve your posture at address.

Push Stretch (Pic 3)

Push Stretch

Push Stretch

Slowly extend your arms and lower body forward in a thrusting motion, feeling like you are pushing against a large object. Hold for 20-30 seconds. Great stretch for maintaining core stability.

X Factor Stretch (Pic 4)

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart with your body straight, place your elbows close to the sides of your body. Try and turn your upper body as much as you can while keeping your hips still. Hold for 20-30 seconds. A great stretch for the lower back and hips in the backswing.

Pic 5Cross Over Stretch (Pic 5)

Stand straight with you feet only a little apart whilst holding a club with your arms extended in front of you. Raise your left leg as you turn your arms and club to the left also, hold for a moment then return to the centre the repeat on the right side. Repeat this a minimum of 10 repetitions. A very effective exercise to improve your balance during the swing.


Always start your practise with some chipping shots. The benefits of doing this are vast compared to many golfers I see starting their practise using mid irons or their woods. It’s a great way to slowly  warm-up the swing, generate good coordination between the arms and hips, and to feel good contact from the ball.

What Clubs to Practise?

Think about what clubs you use the most on the course. Most amateurs will use their driver to tee off, rescue/fairway or long iron for the second or possible third shot, short irons for pitch shots and chipping shots, and of course the putter. If you fall into this category, try and tailor your practise around these clubs. Don’t get stuck using one club for a long time either, you can mix it up once you feel you have warmed up correctly.

Technique Practise vs Pressure Practise

This is probably the main reason most golfers can hit the ball well on the driving range but then completely fall apart on the course. We all must practise our technique for each part of the game, but try and include pressure practise as part of your structure. This is done by trying to replicate the feelings we have on the course to our practise. For example, pick targets during your practise and set a goal of performing the task three times in a row. If you miss your target before you have completed the three, start again. The pressure starts to increase with each ball, resulting in your technique improving under this pressure also.

About Adam Taylor

Originally from Melbourne, Australia, Adam graduated from the Australian PGA as a full member professional with a Diploma in Golf Instruction in 2005. Having been based at Royale Jakarta Golf Club for the past two years, Adam has devoted his passion and knowledge of the game to improving players of all levels and ages. His instructional techniques have featured in several television golf programs and golf magazines. He looks forward to improving your game through Golf Indonesia Magazine and at Ancora Golf Institute, Royale Jakarta.

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