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Meet Deris Ariyanti

By: Chip Salim

Deris AriyantiSo, you are a recreational golfer who enjoys breathing fresh air, admiring scenic beauty, and basking in the sun. Ask yourself this question: What could undeniably top your golfing experience when you were spending these quality moments? How about a young, cheerful caddie who constantly supplies lavishing attention towards your game? Deris is definitely a perfect example of this type of caddie.

Since the last days of her training as a caddy at Bogor Raya Golf Club, Deris has not only just been running Youthful Deris around with clubs, repairing divots, ball-marks, and raking the sand traps, but also learning the colorful characters of golfers. At her young age, 18, she chooses to be agreeable to any golfer without the slightest hesitation. She wants to keep things simple and keeps moving towards the green. Thus, her pet peeves would be the crowded days.

She minds the long waits at the back of the golf cart, although not anymore recently since she got herself an iPhone 5 to play with when the idling takes too long. Notwithstanding that she has shed tears taking bitter, cynical comments from the worst golfer and smiled over joy from a caddying job done good praised by some generous and successful better.

Deris claims to have gained a high degree of green reading. She is confident to give an accurate read of the contours of the putting surface on every hole. Greens are always evolving and so are her green reading skills. She is also pretty good in giving club selection after observing her players swing characteristics a couple of times. Not bad for a young caddy, some would say.

She recently celebrated her 1st anniversary as a caddie at Bogor Raya Golf Club and wishes to celebrate many more, and at least a third one there. She can already afford her own iPhone 5, so life is good caddying at Bogor Raya.

Born in Ciomas, Bogor, Deris Ariyanti is accustomed to frequent rain showers at the Rainy City. The rain, the heat, the sweat will hopefully pay off in the near future. She has been saving up for her higher education as she would like to take up finance at Bina Niaga in a few years time. Deris wishes to pursue a career in banking once she completes her higher education.

Indeed, “A good plan is like a roadmap: it shows the final destination and usually the best way to get there.”—H. Stanley Judd.

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