Meet The Caddy: Adinda

By: Chip Salim

AdindaIt was a beautiful Friday morning in Serpong. The time was half past six in the morning, we lined up behind a couple of earlier f lights, warming up for our scheduled tee off time. I was paired up with a young, energetic caddy; Adinda, 22 years of age, who greeted me with a delightful smile, “Selamat pagi, Pak!

Adinda has been working as a caddy for the past 2 years. She started the caddy job at another nearby golf course, but came to work at Gading Raya after a year because the pay gets better here. “Di Gading lebih rame, Pak“, she uttered when asked why she had moved. She likes the caddy job because she gets to meet different people everyday.

Adinda is a Legok local. She completed her high school with IPS major and soon thereafter, she took up various jobs before landed with the one on a golf course. She mentioned wearing tight sporty uniform daily makes her feel athletic. The sun and sweat are definitely challenging but undeniably enjoyable for her as some of us may feel the same way. As she voiced out her opinion, “Enak, kan, Pak. Jalan kaki, olahraga, bikin badan jadi sehat!

Not only Adinda understands her responsibilities as a caddy to guide the player Adinda @ Gading Rayawith each hole’s different playing conditions, but also to give mental support to the player when needed. She indicated that aiding players with cheer and reassurance besides just carrying out menial tasks on the course tend to help the players more on their games.

One of her pet peeves is when a player doesn’t bring his or her own equipment, like, golf tees. It is the player’s responsibility to equip themselves with golf tees. On one occasion Adinda remembers she was questioned by a golfer, why she didn’t have any tees with her? Being perceptive and helpful, Adinda didn’t mind to quickly scour the teeing ground and hand one over. She could easily embarrass the player for not being prepared, but rationally handled the situation with a better move.

On another instance, she recalled an amusing experience with a foreign player who carried his own bag on a par 3 because he gambled for the shot and failed to win it. She said the player was overconfident. During her first experience of training as a caddy, Adinda had learned not to be overconfident even, and especially as a caddy. Many times, she would be certain where the balls would land. Yet, the distance and size of the trees could be deceptive from afar. She would then search for the ball in a completely inexact location. “Malu banget deh…“, as she told the story.

Just like anyone having a regular day at work, Adinda finds her favourite days when she witnesses players betting on the game. While other caddies may find such situation unfavorable, Adinda, on the contrary, enjoys the tension from the situation. She even feels the betting helps her to focus on her work.

At times, her favourite day would not turn into her favour when her player finishes a round on the losing side. At one time, one of her players made her feel as if it was her fault, strongly requested Adinda to stop making the slightest noise and move during the play. “Sensi banget gitu, Pak“, Adinda jokingly said. However, she claims that she is at the benefit on days when her player is on the winning side—a bonus tips as large as ten times of what she regularly makes can graciously slide into her pocket from time to time.

Adinda is caring, attentive, and sharp to avoid different opinions with the players whenever possible. She aims to keep enjoying the day-to-day work of a caddy with all different kinds of players for a couple more years. Afterwards, she hopes to meet a nice man to be married with.

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