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Meet the Caddy: Chania Triani

By: Simon Reynolds

One of the many highlights of golfing in Indonesia is the pleasure of having your own caddy for your round of golf. I remember playing golf in the UK, walking into the wind, with my bag slung around my shoulders, getting to my ball, placing the bag on the ground, removing my chosen club, the chores continued. I could have sworn my tee-off distance progressively decreased as the round went on.

Golf in Indonesia is a far more relaxing and leisurely pursuit, and more often than not you will be accompanied by a charming female caddy. She will help you navigate your way around the course, avoiding any hazards and obstacles, before ideally getting your ball in the hole with as few amount of stokes as possible.

Having a pleasant female caddy can work wonders to the human spirit during a bad round and help you keep things in perspective as you battle to keep the ball on the fairway. After all, one may remind oneself, I have a smiling female caddy, life isn’t too bad after all, let’s not get worked up after that triple bogey on the 2nd hole. Let’s just enjoy the scenery.

Chania TrianiLast week, I had the pleasure of playing at Rainbow Hills, high up in the mountains outside of Sentul city. My caddy for the day was the charming Chania. She has been working fulltime as a caddy for one and a half years at the course. Our flight was a three-some on the day and we had the buggy to ourselves, so we had plenty of time to get to know each other in between holes.

Chania is Sundanese and local to the area, she was attracted to the job by her high school friends, many of whom had recently started work at the club. So far she is glad she made the choice and loves the suspense before discovering what kind of character she will spend the morning or afternoon on the golf course with.

She was open to admit that she finds the game of golf, even after her two months of intensive training and one and a half years of on-the-course experience, slightly baffling. The way her golfer curses after a bad shot which lands in the bunker or drive sails out of bounds, she sometimes wonders, “Is it really just a game?”.

This young caddy can see the appeal of being out in the fresh air and how it can benefit the golfer. In an ideal world, she would be teamed with rich, single handicapped golfers. The Rainbow Hills course layout is far from generous to the wayward golf ball, and the out of bound areas left and right of the fairways and surrounding the greens are often thick bushes or natural vegetation.

Chania has often encountered snakes and large lizards whilst searching through the foliage for lost Titleist balls. She prefers balls kept on the short grass.

I have also heard stories of caddies receiving vast tips after a hole-in-one. Especially if the golfer was joining the hole in one jackpot, a caddy would receive a nice share of the winnings. Unfortunately to this day she is yet to experience that moment. Still, I could not resist to ask how much she had received as her biggest tip after a round: Rp. 700,000.

She smiles, not bad for four hours work. I assumed the gentleman must have broken par, Chania said his score wasn’t particularly good, he was just grateful for the service. And the smallest: Rp 100,000. You should be ashamed, Sir!

On a final note, I was curious whether she had experienced any John Daly-esque hole capitulations. So far to date, the highest score Chania has witnessed is an 11 on a Par 5. Could be much worse.

Chania seems happy with her simple life. She has many friends at Rainbow Hills, her job doesn’t take over her life, and there is always plenty to gossip about and golfers to meet.

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Simon fell in love with the game of golf at an early age. Watching Happy Gilmore when he was 12, Simon was hooked, and to this day thanks Adam Sandler's genius in the film for his passion for the game. His golfing hero is more refined and mature these days, and he continues his spiritual quest to model his golf game on Ben Hogan's perfect golf swing.

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