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Meet The Caddy: Jeani

By: Simon Reynolds

Jeani KusumawardhaniGolfers can often be a frustrating sporting pursuit for some amateur players, and anger can be an unfortunate consequence on the golf course. Keeping the golfer calm and happy is one of the biggest challenges facing Jeani as a young caddy. Jeani is still learning all the time; helping the hackers with words of encouragement and her sweet smile can make the duck hook into the lake more bearable. Or perhaps a word of advice when something is not working, but there are no easy fixes for a chronic slice, perhaps just a subtle suggestion to aim for the far left hand side of the fairway and not to take centre aim down the middle of the fairway.

Golf as a sport fascinates Jeani, all the challenges it reveals and presents the golfer. Of all the different skills, putting is the most exciting. The opportunity for Jeani to read the greens, sport the right line, and the satisfaction of seeing a well read birdie putt drop, is most enjoyable during a round of golf. Helping her golfer make tricky putts with good reads is satisfying for Jeani, especially when the jubilant golfer jumper has just pocketed a few extra skins.

The nature of the work in the outdoors, the banter with her fellow caddies and golfers beats the stale atmosphere of her previous job, working in administration in a kantor. That job was far from fulfilling; a long commute, with family relatives in the business, Jeani felt like she was always being watched. The work as a caddy offers a young individual a lot more freedom and free time to socialize with their friends, and the camaraderie amongst the other caddies is healthy and there is plenty of gossip and fun to have amongst the others at Imperial Klub Golf, like joking about a regular member who crashed his Ferrari on the way into the clubhouse.

Once in a while Jeani will have the luck of being paired with a rich business tycoon, one particular golfer rewarded Jeani with a financial tip of Rp.2 million after a round of golf. On this particular day, the golfer’s putts kept dropping, and he was cleaning up the large skins on offer amongst his golf buddies. Jackpots like these help to ease the disappointment of the stingy golfers, who after sweating for 4 and a half hours pulling golf trolleys, the cheaper (walking) option, giving a measly tip of only Rp. 70.000.

Jeani is grateful for having a job alongside all the excitement and unpredictability that may come with it. At the end of the day, Jeani prefers the balls on the short grass, they’re far easier to handle than the balls in the long grass.

Caddy Profile

LOCATION: Imperial Golf Klub, Lippo Karawaci
FULL NAME: Jeani Kusumawhardhani
WORKING HOURS: 6 days on, 1 day off (weekday)
HOBBIES: Shopping, hanging out with friends, eating out, going to the cinema
FAVOURITE FOOD: Nasi Goreng Seafood
FAVOURITE MUSIC: Pop, Agnes Monica

About Simon Reynolds

Simon fell in love with the game of golf at an early age. Watching Happy Gilmore when he was 12, Simon was hooked, and to this day thanks Adam Sandler's genius in the film for his passion for the game. His golfing hero is more refined and mature these days, and he continues his spiritual quest to model his golf game on Ben Hogan's perfect golf swing.

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