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Meet The Caddy: Leli Apriani

By: Susi Nock

The venue for this month’s Meet the Caddy is in South Jakarta, at the prestigious Pondok Indah Golf Course. The golf club’s biggest claim to fame being: the host venue for the World Cup of Golf in 1983. We had a very interesting conversation with the super friendly and smiley caddy, Leli Apriani. A 28-year-old adorable young lady from Bogor, she had her first caddy job at Bogor Raya. However a friend of hers moved to Jakarta, finding work at Pondok Indah golf club and persuaded Leli to follow soon after.

Leli AprianiLeli has tried working in sales and marketing, including a stint as a car saleswoman for a year, however she found the job somewhat unsatisfying. She enjoys the nature of her job, being outdoors every day, absorbing plenty of vitamin D from sunlight.

Back at the golf course she has the knowledge of the game having been fully trained in course etiquette. That’s what brought her here at the Pondok Indah Course—a course which prefers caddies with good experience and the opportunity for better earnings. Leli enjoys her work on the golf course. It’s not only about wearing the attractive uniforms and a pretty face, it is also a job where she can meet many different people from different countries all with different personalities.

So far the worst score she has recorded on a single hole is double par and she has not witnessed a hole in one yet, an eagle she has: the golfer holing out from 130 yards on the fairway from a second shot on a par 4. Now the big question, her highest tip: Rp. 1 million. Not bad for four and a half hours work!

Leli also graduated Marketing Management at The Kesatuan Bogor University. She loves to swim or cycle or hang out with friends when she has the day off, and that is once a week, weekends off is not an option.

It is not uncommon to find golfers taking sneaky looks around to take note of the caddy numbers at the course, occasionally there are also requests to change the caddy depending on whether the golfer finds everything they would need in a caddy or is dissatisfied with the caddy’s work ethic or competence.

Pondok Indah offers top quality training for their caddies. Leli has no problems offering the right club for the appropriate yardage, or reading the right break on a tricky downhill putt to save par. With her natural charm and pretty looks, having Leli as your caddy would make many a golfer happy!

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