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Meet the Caddy: Riri

By: Susi Nock

RiriYour attractive, fun, outgoing, smart caddy with a sweet personality. Riri is a college student who has worked in two sophisticated and semi-private golf courses. Although she’s faced difficulties in education while caddying, she vows to never give up. She is now working at one of the most luxurious golf courses in Central Jakarta, Senayan National Golf Club. She is also taking computer courses to develop her knowledge during her busy working hours as a caddy.

And working as a caddy is not an easy job to do and every golf course has their own way of recruiting and training their caddies. Riri explains that she has to study trying to find ways to help the golfers feel every swing, and help every slightly off-centre strike including every missed fairway, strategy, and distance to hazards. Very importantly, Riri must know the right line for the drives and the slopes on the greens whilst helping the golfer with the club selection. Moreover, one more important part of the job is to keep a golfer, and in particular a high handicap one, to think positive. Riri explains, the course trains the caddies very hard for about two to three months and that still doesen’t mean that they will get the job. Yet Riri’s training brought her straight to the field to increase her knowledge about golf so that she will be able to advise on the line and speed.

Everyone knows that carrying a golf bag and walking alongside golfers for more than four hours is no doubt, an exhausting ordeal. But Riri says it’s also very lively. Making fun of her buddies on the green and socializing with the golfers are fun activities during the game, Riri explains while giggling. Riri goes on to say that when the exhausting game finishes, then comes an integral part of the caddy life – the tip. It’s time to find out how much the golfer is about to tip and the delicate business of passing it over. Often the golfer has to extract it from his or her wallet, which is usually buried in the golf bag and takes a while to find. Riri goes on to say that the golfer can simply either give the tip and say, “Thanks”, or tuck the tip into the the caddy’s palm and try to pass it discretely over as they shake the golfer’s hand. Either way, Riri is happy, as a tip indicates a job well done for the caddy!

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