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Meet the Golfer: Rinaldi Adiyandono

By: Simon Reynolds

Meet the Golfer - Rinaldi Adiyandono

In 2013 Rinaldi Adiyandono announced his decision to turn professional after success as an amateur. His first year as a pro was an eye-opening experience for the 27-year-old golfer from Jakarta, finishing 23rd on the 2013 IPGA Order of Merit. We caught up with Rinaldi at the Indonesian Golf Challenge at Palm Hills Golf Club, an Indonesian Champions Tour event where he finished in T-26th earning Rp.3,200,000 in prize money.

This year, Indonesia’s top golfers can look forward to the Indonesian Champions Tour; 14 scheduled events with the Top 30 come the end of year players qualifying for the ‘Road to the Indonesian Championship’ finale, with Rp.500 million to play for, over four days of tournament. Are you confident about making the Top-30?
I am feeling very confident, last year my target was to finish in the Top 10, turns out I just missed out on the Top 20 finishing in 23rd. This year I feel more confident as a player, and I am sure I will finish at least in the Top 20.

2013 was your first season as a professional golfer. How do you reflect on your first year as a pro overall?
I thought the feeling of playing in tournaments was going to be the same, just as when I was an amateur. Turns out it feels very different. As a pro I often found myself thinking about my earnings, for example winning the money back or more that I had paid for the tournament entrance fee. As an amateur all I focussed on was the golf, no thoughts about money.

What was you average driving distance for the 2013 season?
260 metres carry.

What was your GIR (Greens In Regulation) percentage for the 2013 season?
As an amateur I had an impressive average of 65%. Unfortunately, my GIR figures last year were disappointing; between 35–40%. This is an area which needs to improved to allow me to score better in tournaments.

What inspired you to take up the game of golf?
My father inspired me to take up the game of golf, as he insisted in today’s world of business, golf is important with good client relations. I had more natural talent on the golf course than academically in the classroom.

Alit Jiwanadana album artwork by Rinaldi Adiyandono

Alit Jiwanadana album artwork by Rinaldi Adiyandono

If you had not committed to becoming a professional golfer, what would Rinaldi Adiyandono be doing as a plan B today?
I think I would have been an artist. I love drawing, I was never formally taught how to draw, but I feel, and people say, I have a natural flair for drawing. I recently drew the front cover for my friend’s album cover, he’s also a golfer, Alit Jiwandana. I also love playing guitar and singing. When I sing and draw it really feels like it comes from my heart. Sometimes even more so than when I play golf.

As a music lover, who are your favourite artists?
I like the local group Maliq & The Essentials. For Western groups, I love Pharrell Williams, I think I may be his biggest fan. I’m also a huge fan of Kanye West.

What are your targets as a golfer in 2014?
I want to sharpen my short game. When I watch the PGA tour players on TV, and when I have played with the Asian Tour players in local events, the only noticeable difference between them and me is how they perform or scramble around the greens. There are many great ball strikers in Indonesia, but I think on average our short games still fall behind the leading professionals worldwide when saving pars.

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