Mr. Romdoni the founder of Birdie Golf

Simon Reynolds

Aug 15,2014

The Romdoni family well dressed in Birdie Golf clothing and ready for some golf!

The passionate golfer behind Indonesia’s very own Golf brand: Birdie Golf

Birdie Golf is developing a reputation as Indonesia’s premium and fashionable Golf clothing and accessories brand which offers today’s Indonesian trendy golfer many different colorful fashionable shirt and accessory designs to brighten up a golf course near you.

Name: Romdoni
Age: 38
Handicap: 12
Favourite Golf Course: Pondok Indah
Lowest Score: 81 @ Gunung Geulis & Matoa
Favourite Golfer: Bubba Watson

What was your inspiration to create and develop your very own Golf Fashion label?
Actually I was raised in a family through my father and grandfather, which was always involved in the textiles and garments businesses. From a very young age I would travel to Tanah Abang market and sell clothes and materials so I had many years experience learning about the garment industry, like what materials make good quality clothing. Since those early days selling clothes in Tanah Abang I have always been interested in entrepreneurship. Later in life whilst working for Chevron in Riau I had my own store part-time selling garments at a local mall selling all kinds of brands. With my up-bringing in the garment business and experience there came a time when I decided to create my own brand.

Why Golf? Are there not better markets to sell clothing in?
A few years back, my family and I returned to Jakarta after an oil and gas work placement in Venezuela. I had picked up golf as a hobby and leisure activity during my posting there. Upon returning, it became very obvious that it was impossible to find affordable, decent whilst stylish golf clothes. This convinced me to create my very own Indonesian Golf fashion brand, to provide: Top quality golf clothing for golfers here in Indonesia, at good prices and with plenty of style and colours.

What was the biggest obstacle you have faced whilst building the Birdie Golf brand?
For several years before production we experimented and learnt about manufacturing sports polo shirts. We found finding the right fabric rather challenging. Playing golf in Indonesia’s hot climate it is essential for us to provide our customers with a comfortable and durable material which will perform well in this tropical climate. It took us several years before we settled on a combination of fabrics which is as good if not better then International materials like: ‘climacool’ and ‘drifit’. We launched Birdie Golf with leather golf gloves as our first product. Indonesia produces real leather of real top quality and our chosen leather and golf glove design was received well by the local golfing community. Having succeeded in golf glove production we had the confidence to step up and start producing golf shirts using high quality and durable materials.

Say I am a golf event organizer, I am in the process of finalizing my upcoming corporate golf event. How many different golf shirt options and color combinations can your offer at Birdie Golf?
Currently our marketing team can offer 12 different golf shirt options to choose from with different colours and themes available along with a wide range of sizes from kids-ladies, men’s XS-XL. We use international sizes, so a Birdie Golf size small will be the same as a Nike or Ashworth size small.  After three days of choosing your preferred colour and theme your golf shirts will be ready.

How much would a Birdie Golf shirt cost per item?
It terms on the quantity and design. In the retails stores: Birdie golf shirts sell for between Rp 400,000 – Rp 500,000 per piece. For a corporate large order, the shirts can be as much as 55% off the retail price so prices can be as low as Rp 200,000 per piece including your tournament or company logo.

What is one of your strengths as an up and coming golf brand, producing high quality locally made golf clothing?
We can provide our corporate and tournament organizers golf shirts on request, from a wider selection of designs motifs and colours in as little as 3 days from receiving the order.

Do you sponsor any local Indonesian professional golfers?
Being an Indonesian brand it would make me very proud if Indonesian professional golfers choose and enjoy wearing Birdie products. I had a friend who was close to successful Indonesian professional Andik Mauludin. I approached him during the 2013 Indonesian Masters and offered him a supply of Birdie clothing for the remainder of the season. To this day Andik and I are good friends and he enjoys wearing and endorsing Birdie golf clothes, and is more than happy with our arrangement. Andik is a charismatic golfer and I feel our bright coloured clothing really suits his personality.

Indonesian Golf Tour: Professional Andik Mauludin wearing Birdie Golf clothing.
Indonesian Golf Tour: Professional Andik Mauludin wearing Birdie Golf clothing.

Your main retail outlet is at Senayan Driving Range. Where else can Birdie products be found?
We have 10 other retail points including pro-shops at: Riverside, PSP, Gunung Geulis, Bogor Raya, Pondok Indah, Senayan National, Fit One stores at Pondok Indah and Pringgondani, United store (Cilandak driving range) and Nine Hole UG floor Bellagio Mall, Kuningan. We will be looking to provide our products in more stores during 2014.
To have a look at Birdie’s full range of products visit the website:
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