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Need to Improve Your Putting? Improve Your Preparation

By: Adam Taylor

Pic 3A simple but effective way to improve your putting results and consistency on the greens is to make a change in your preparation and pre-shot routine. This change in your routine can greatly increase your chances of making more one-putt and less three-putt greens, and lowering your overall score.

Always start with your first look at your putt from behind the ball. Lower your body into position in a straight line with your ball and the hole. Stand at least a couple of clubs from the ball as to give you a better view of the break of your entire length of the putt. Never stand too close to the ball, as you will only be able to see the break closer to the hole.

Once you have determined the break of the putt from behind the ball, the next process is to look at the putt from the side, about halfway from the ball to the hole. The side of which you look from is also very important to determine whether the putt is uphill, downhill or flat. For example, if you have a putt that will break from right to left, we always want to position ourselves at the lowest point, that being to the left where the ball will break too, and the opposite for a left to right putt. This will give you a better indication as to the slope of the green. If you have the chance to also look at  your putt from behind the hole, this  can be a great way of confirming your  read of the break from behind the ball. Also, if you are confused or unsure from your initial read from behind the ball, looking at the putt from a multiple of angles will give you a better overall view.

Take notice also when you are walking alongside your putting line. Your feet can give you great feedback as to the slope of the green, as they are sensitive to changes in elevation. This is very effective when playing courses in mountain regions, as reading the slope can be difficult due to the surrounding horizon.

Now that you have read the break of the putt and the slope, here comes the preparation for the stroke, or what we call the pre-putt routine. A common practice routine is to look at the ball while performing the practice stroke. For most players, they perform the same practice stroke whether it’s a short or long putt. The purpose of the practice stroke is to give you the feel for the shot you are about to play. Don’t waste them. Try looking towards the hole when performing your practice stroke.

Firstly, this will improve your distance perception from you to the hole. The eyes act as distance readers for your brain so they can help your arms move the putter the required distance for the upcoming putt. Secondly, the goal is to perform the real stroke with the same feeling as you performed your practice stroke.

Following this routine can greatly develop and improve your feel and results around the green. Now go and make some birdies.

About Adam Taylor

Originally from Melbourne, Australia, Adam graduated from the Australian PGA as a full member professional with a Diploma in Golf Instruction in 2005. Having been based at Royale Jakarta Golf Club for the past two years, Adam has devoted his passion and knowledge of the game to improving players of all levels and ages. His instructional techniques have featured in several television golf programs and golf magazines. He looks forward to improving your game through Golf Indonesia Magazine and at Ancora Golf Institute, Royale Jakarta.

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