Simple Drills to Improve Putting Skills

Adam Taylor

Dec 12,2014

Simple Drills to Improve Putting Skills

Putting is the area of the game that is the least practiced in golf, however the putter is the club we use the most on the course. If you’re looking to improve your putting and your overall score, performing some simple drills on the practice green is a fast an easy way to lowering your score.
The first drill is to test if you’re hitting the ball in the centre of your putter face. Off centre hits are one of the main reasons why your ball can go offline. Place a tee on either side of your putter with just enough room for your putter to fit through. If you can consistently hit the ball without striking the tees, you’re hitting the ball in the centre of the putter face.
The next drill is to see if you’re hitting the ball with a square face, because the face has a greater impact on the direction of the ball than the path. Find an area on the practice green with a hole on a line that is very straight, and a distance starting two putter lengths from the hole. Lining up the ball first, the test here is to see if you can roll the ball in a straight line to the hole. If you’re doing this, your face is square at impact. If not, it’s either opening or closing the face throughout your stroke. To improve this, place two clubs along either side of your line about a hole width apart, trying to roll your ball without touching them.

Speed is the most important key to holing putts. Picking the correct line is important of course, but if the speed of the ball is either too little or too much, the ball is never going to drop. From the October issue of Golf Indonesia, l detailed a pre putt routine whereby you look toward the hole or your target line left or right of the hole as you perform your practice putt, as this is a great way to improve your feel for the length of the stroke required for your actual putt. For your practice drill, you can perform this from different distances but with a slight twist. Close your eyes when you are performing your actual stroke. Your stroke length will be very accurate in your practice as your eyes act as distance readers. The goal is to match the feeling of your practice stroke to your real stroke when your eyes are closed. If you can start to improve your distance control from different distances, your well on your way to having less putts, and a lower score.

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