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So Many Shafts, So Little Time

By: Wandy Wauran

Tiger Woods



KBS TourIt is truly amazing what technology and that endless search for longer and straighter shots can do. It can create a multi-million dollar business, give jobs to a countless number of people and it inspired me to open a club-fitting shop in Senayan called Big Fish Golf Indonesia.

The golf shaft industry is a lot like the car industry. For example, Mercedes Benz is a car manufacturer, with product lines ranging from the S class to the A class. Meanwhile, Mitsubishi Rayon Golf has the Diamana to the Bassara. Each product line has a target market in mind. Each product line has a different price range. Most importantly, each product line has different target performance specifications.

Here are some of the golf shaft manufacturers: Mitsubishi Rayon, Fujikura, Grafalloy, Graphite Design, Aldila, UST Mamiya, Miyazaki, True Temper, Project X, Matrix, Nippon, KBS, Veylix. Please note that each of the mentioned companies has its own product line as well. Some companies have a wider product line than others, but when you do the math, that is a significant number of shaft models that are out there for the golfers. All these shafts have only one specific function in mind. To give the golfer straighter, longer and more consistent golf shots.

Let us examine the key characteristics of a golf shaft. Each of these characteristics has equal value of importance in relations to the performance for the golfer:

Project XFLEX of the shaft. The (S) stiff or (X) extra stiff will need more club-head speed to perform optimally. The (R) regular will not need as much speed to whip through the ball.

KICK-POINT is the bend point location of the shaft. A shaft with lower kick-point (closer to the head) will generally have a higher initial launch. A shaft with a high kick-point (closer to the grip) will generate a lower ball flight and a flatter trajectory.

WEIGHT of the shaft can range from 40 grams to 120 grams. In theory, a lighter shaft can help produce faster club-head speed. Obviously a lighter shaft will be most suitable for older golfers who are not able to generate much club-head speed.

TORQUE is the amount of twisting the shaft generates during the swing. Lower torque will offer more resistance to twisting, and vice versa for higher torque. This is more of a feel thing for the golfer. Low torque will tend to feel harsh at impact while high torque will tend to feel less harsh at impact.

Tour AD BB-6SRGoing back to the shaft manufacturers, similar with the car business, the shaft business is very competitive. Every company is trying to get a competitive edge over the others. The most effective way for shaft companies to generate sales is to get tour players using their shaft. Serious golfers often like to know which tour players use which particular shaft models. Mitsubishi Rayon got a lot of sales when Mr. Tiger Woods put their Whiteboard model in his driver. Graphite Design also got a lot of sales when the same Mr. Tiger Woods switched to their DI model. Alas, he has switched back to his Whiteboard model recently.

Mr. Woods and his fellow tour pros have any and all shaft models at their disposal. Shaft companies are more than willing to give these pros their shafts free of charge. Tour professionals have the luxury of hitting different shafts to see which one fits them the best. They go to the range with a launch monitor (Trackman more often than not) and get the specific data on the different shafts.

All this was not an option for amateurs until club-fitting shops with launch monitors started opening up. One other important option is demo shafts. Demos are shafts that are available to the golfer to try before they buy. Theory is one thing, but actual swinging and hitting a ball is another. Proof is in the pudding comes to mind here.

So where can you try many shafts before you buy, use the Trackman launch monitor and get your clubs fitted all in one spot?

Big Fish Golf Indonesia, Ruko Permata Senayan F29, Telephone: 579 – 41018

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