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Sound ‘Chipping’ technique

By: Adam Taylor

So far in Golf Indonesia, I have outlined five key principles to a sound golf swing, starting with the grip position then progressing through body setup and alignment, takeaway, the letter ‘L’ position through to the impact and early follow through.

To wrap up this series, for this edition and the one after, I will focus on how to apply these positions to perform the actual swing and how to improve your contact and direction and distance.

Chipping Swings

Chipping Swings

Chipping Swings

A great way to start improving your overall technique is to improve your chipping first. The takeaway, impact position and early follow through are basically the same from chipping to the full swing. And because a chipped shot is a short swing, it is much easier to make changes and improve your technique.

Start with a sand wedge or a pitching wedge as these clubs are a good test of your impact position. Many golfers try to scoop the club to get the ball in the air; we want the opposite!

The key to making good contact and direction starts with the grip (see the January edition) as this is allows the freedom of the left wrist to break during the takeaway. The chipping set up is also crucial in making good contact, making sure your feet are close together and the ball is in line with the inside of the right foot. This helps maximise contact and therefore distance control. The reference point for the takeaway is when your left wrist is level with the outside of your right foot and the club level with the ground. At this point, we want the club face at the same angle as your back or pointing slightly towards the ground.

This means the club face has not rolled open during the takeaway, therefore your hands don’t have to roll it back to square at impact. The takeaway helps get the hands in front of the club face at impact, the most difficult area of the swing and key to good contact. Many amateur golfers flip the club at impact for all shots, resulting in either grounded or topping shots.

The reference points for this practise are swinging the club to a position level with the ground in the takeaway, and in the follow through. Swinging to equal positions either side of the ball greatly helps with tempo and distance control. You will also be practising your chipping and the base of your full swing at the same time.

A further way to improve your takeaway, impact and follow through is to practise your chipping swing with one hand at a time. Alternating between your right and left hand is extremely valuable practise to further increase your control over the club in the takeaway and especially through impact.

If you can make good contact hitting the ball with one hand, it will improve your technique even further when you have two hands on the club.




In the next issue of Golf Indonesia, I will be outlining how the positions of your chipping swings play the same role in your longer swings.

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