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Building Athleticism through the Kipping Pull-Up

The pull-up is built into our DNA, just watch any 5-year old placed in front of a great climbing tree. While it may seem unattainable as an adult I’m here to tell you, in all but the most extreme cases, it won’t take you longer than 2 months of dedication.  The benefits are worth the [...]

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The Grip

Over the next few issues of Golf Indonesia, I will be covering what I believe are the five most basic principles for the golf swing. These principles apply to almost every area of the game, from the full swing, chipping, pitching, bunker play and more. In my first edition, I will show you how to [...]

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How do we define TEMPO?

Tempo in golf swing is often overlooked as an important element to create consistent, efficient ball striking. Good tempo allows the player to increase the quality of impact thus increasing distance, good tempo allows the player to maintain their fitness and energy whilst increasing the length of time a player will play better golf. It sometimes seems that the element of tempo comes under the unwritten rules section regarding the golf swing. Most players are aware of it but may not know how to measure it or even create it.

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