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Introduction Located 45 minutes from Semanggi on the Jakarta – Merak Toll Road,  take the Cikupa toll exit two stops after the Karawaci toll gate , and golfer’s will find the water rich golfing haven of Kedaton Golf & Country Club. In fact 17 of the 18 holes at Kedaton feature water hazards, either the […]

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Palm Hill Golf Club

Intro Palm Hill Golf Club is an incredible attractive 18 Hole golf course, located near the Sentul Highlands and the city of Bogor accessed by the Sentul Circuit exit on the Jakarta-Jagorawi Toll road. Hence the name the course is surrounded by hills and densely populated by local flora and fauna. The club is famous […]

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www.Golfclick.net — It’s Time to Golf!

The Golfclick.net website is a new golf reservation portal where golfers from Indonesia and worldwide to find and book unsold tee times for golf courses in Indonesia. The website is the project of two young Indonesian golfers and entrepreneurs Albert Kosasih (28) and Ebert Wijaya (27). Albert and Ebert have been close friends ever since […]

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The six foot flightless bird

Golf Course Birdie Ends Up as Sausage Meat

Golfers love a birdie. Indeed, the game would be rather dull without an eagle or an albatross to strive for. But a rhea? Members of the Barkway Park Golf Club got a bit of a surprise in April when they were advised to beware of an escaped rhea. The six foot flightless bird that is […]

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Meet the Caddy - Titi

Meet the Caddy: Titi

A shrill cry of applause reverberates amongst the tightly forested holes which comprise Jagorawi New Course. I glance over to locate the source of the noise which alas is not supporters lining the fairway congratulating me on my recent success (a par believe it or not), but rather a 5’2” Indonesian caddy with the rather […]

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Golfmax Indonesia

Golf Simulators vs. The Real Thing

With advances in technology, sophistication of electronic games and the imaging associated with them has improved greatly — one could say exponentially. Not only has technology improved, but the number of offerings by different providers has increased significantly. One only has to look at the number of mobile apps and computer games now on offer. […]

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Jababeka Golf & Country Club

Jababeka Golf & Country Club

As is the case with most residential golf courses, Jababeka Golf and Country Club was built primarily to increase the appeal of the residential real estate to be developed in the immediate vicinity, currently in its early stages. Currently there are approximately 500 members, mostly corporate memberships purchased by Japanese, Korean and Philippine factories established in the Cikarang Baru area.

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Hole #12 at Pondok Indah Golf Golf Course

Pondok Indah Golf Course

A similarly urban setting to its closest competitor Senayan National, Pondok Indah Golf Course, takes the crown for Central Jakarta’s best course.

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The glittering prizes

The Tee Set Championship 2013

The Tee Set year has a rhythm of its own with golf every weekend, net score most of the time and Stableford on the last Saturday in the month and the once a year excursion to the South for the Bandung Bash – but all of it leading up to the season’s zenith, the Tee Set Championship in November.

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How do we define TEMPO?

Tempo in golf swing is often overlooked as an important element to create consistent, efficient ball striking. Good tempo allows the player to increase the quality of impact thus increasing distance, good tempo allows the player to maintain their fitness and energy whilst increasing the length of time a player will play better golf. It sometimes seems that the element of tempo comes under the unwritten rules section regarding the golf swing. Most players are aware of it but may not know how to measure it or even create it.

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