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Jakarta Inter-League Final Round

Well the September penultimate round certainly put ‘the cat amongst the pigeons’.  Up until that month it looked plain sailing for Cloggies to once again lift the trophy but they were humbled by a truly resurgent JLI with a thumping of 8:2. This result clawed back the lead to a measly four points going into […]

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This month’s featured inter-society team of the Month: Mad Dogs aptly named after a well known restaurant / bar in a Cilandak Industrial estate

Jakarta Inter League Round 4

This was the first time that the matches were starting in the heat of the day following a morning competition at Jagorawi. The good news was that the InterLeague [JIL] had a shotgun from all tee boxes to ensure completion of a speedy round. The bad news was that the competition golfers [and their caddies] […]

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Tee Set celebrated an amazing and memorable 30 years of golf in Jakarta

Jakarta Inter-Society Matchplay League Round 3

So with 2014 rushing by and many peoples’ thoughts focused on the Legislative and Presidential elections, golfers in Jakarta have been contemplating the next round of the league season. Traditionally, this has been the point in the league where both front and rearguard positions start to get some clarity, would it be the same this […]

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Meet the Caddy - Titi

Meet the Caddy: Titi

A shrill cry of applause reverberates amongst the tightly forested holes which comprise Jagorawi New Course. I glance over to locate the source of the noise which alas is not supporters lining the fairway congratulating me on my recent success (a par believe it or not), but rather a 5’2” Indonesian caddy with the rather […]

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