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This month’s featured inter-society team of the Month: Mad Dogs aptly named after a well known restaurant / bar in a Cilandak Industrial estate

Jakarta Inter League Round 4

This was the first time that the matches were starting in the heat of the day following a morning competition at Jagorawi. The good news was that the InterLeague [JIL] had a shotgun from all tee boxes to ensure completion of a speedy round. The bad news was that the competition golfers [and their caddies] […]

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Tee Set celebrated an amazing and memorable 30 years of golf in Jakarta

Jakarta Inter-Society Matchplay League Round 3

So with 2014 rushing by and many peoples’ thoughts focused on the Legislative and Presidential elections, golfers in Jakarta have been contemplating the next round of the league season. Traditionally, this has been the point in the league where both front and rearguard positions start to get some clarity, would it be the same this […]

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Team Tin Cup at Jagorawi New Course

Jakarta InterLeague – Round 2

Despite considerable rain still hitting the Jagorawi course during the past weeks  it was amazingly dry and those who can get topspin drives were laughing with impressive distance on their tee shots. Having the luxury of a mini-shotgun start means that all matches start at the same time. Yet somehow the traffic flow is rather […]

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Jakarta Inter-Society Matchplay League

Jakarta Inter-Society Matchplay League

The longest running Matchplay competition in Jakarta kicked off the 2014 season in earnest in March at Jagorawi Golf & Country Club. The format has remained constant  over the decades with eight teams putting forwards eight players who compete with two singles and three better-ball matches. Every team plays every other team and at the […]

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The glittering prizes

The Tee Set Championship 2013

The Tee Set year has a rhythm of its own with golf every weekend, net score most of the time and Stableford on the last Saturday in the month and the once a year excursion to the South for the Bandung Bash – but all of it leading up to the season’s zenith, the Tee Set Championship in November.

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Tee Set - Jakarta

Tee Set Jakarta

Tee Set is one of Jakarta’s very oldest Golf Societies and traces its history back many years to the early 1980s when it was founded by a bunch of not very good but extremely enthusiastic expats looking for fun and golf on Sunday. Tee Set plays on a wide variety of Jakarta’s courses, though we try to avoid the ones charging more than about Rp. 850,000, all in on the grounds that this is no longer fun. The past month of October has been not been untypical as we have played regular Sunday handicap events at Pondok Cabe, Pangkalan Jati and Rancamaya and the Monthly Stableford round at Matoa, while also participating in the 7th round of the 8 man Inter-League team event at Jagorawi.

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