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The Scoring Academy: Learn to Putt like a Tour Pro

Capture speed does not refer to how fast the authorities can apprehend a suspect. To be successful on the putting green, one must be able to have a relatively consistent, optimum capture speed. That is, the speed a ball is travelling when it reaches the front lip of the hole. Golfers should know that the faster the ball is travelling when it gets to the hole, the smaller the usable hole becomes. This is why when determining whether to be a charger(someone that likes to “run” the ball at the hole) or a trickler(one that likes to have the ball “die” at the hole), neither is right or wrong. One is just not as smart as the other.

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Greenside Bunker-The Foundation of Good Golf

If there is one secret to playing good golf, it’s being able to play the greenside bunker shot well. It’s a great indication of how well your overall swing is in all parts of your game. For most players, the bunker instantly installs fear and negative thoughts on how they are going to get out of it without embarrassing themselves in front of their fellow players.

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The Key to Solid Chipping - Chipping Drill 1

The Key to Solid Chipping

Through many years of teaching club golfers, I believe the key to making solid contact with chipping is making a high to low swing i.e. the club striking the ball with a downward blow. The majority of poor chip shots are made by trying to help the ball into the air, striking the ball with an upward motion. This will, more often than not, see the ball struck with the leading edge and send it running straight through the green.

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Quick Test

Tips & Tricks: Putting Tip

LAG PUTTS It is no secret that when it comes to scoring, most high handicappers don’t spend enough time practicing their putting. You will often see driving ranges full of people practicing their swing and look over to the putting green and see that it’s empty. Even though I encourage people to practice their swing, [...]

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Slow Play

Slow Play

Most of weekend golfers in Jakarta have played a fivehour round of golf at one time or another. Not very fun, is it? You are waiting 5-10 minutes before every shot, the sun is scorching your skin and most importantly, you are playing not so well at that moment. Most weekend golf rounds around Jakarta [...]

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The Slice

Tips & Tricks: Chapter 3: Curving The Ball

We will enter into some exciting areas of the game for Chapter 3, as we discuss how to “scramble”. The need to scramble may not be a desirable situation, but being able to scramble proves beneficial when your score is posted. Scrambling can simply mean good, straightforward “up and down” short game play, or it [...]

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