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TaylorMade RSi Irons Arrive in Indonesia: Nobody is Perfect!

By: Simon Reynolds

RSi 2Indonesia’s golf fanatics and media gathered at Pondok Indah Driving Range and gallery to witness the unveiling of TaylorMade’s new irons: The RSi 1 and RSi 2 irons.

Turn to page 20 of this issue of Golf Indonesia tabloid and one will see the location of golf balls hitting Sergio Garcia’s iron clubface. Unsurprisingly the grouping of his irons golf balls focus around the sweet spot, considering he is one of the best ball strikers of the modern era hardly a shock. Beside this image, we see the shots played by an average golfer with an iron and as we can see the ball impact is located all over the clubface with several hot towards the toe, heel and away from the sweet spot where in the past maximum performance would have to be located. Previously shots played from off the sweet spot would experience dramatic loss in distance, accuracy and control.

What TaylorMade have achieved with their new face slot technology is a set of irons which will perform well from shots hit all over the club face. It has been estimated that from amateur golfer’s as many as 70 % of iron shots will be hit from off the sweet spot or centre, nobody is perfect!

The feedback from touring from Justin Rose is hugely positive: “The numbers I get with off centre hits is really comforting, even with off centre hits the results and performance of shots is very similar to shots which I know flew off the middle, it’s nice to know the decrease in performance of my off centre shots is not very significant like from previous models, the size of the sweet spot has increased substantially.

We had the pleasure with Joey Chuasiriporn (Product Manager, TaylorMade, Asia) to discuss the merits of the RSi 1 & 2 irons just released here in Jakarta, and what makes them so special:

Picture 1

Joey Chuasiriporn (Product Manager, TaylorMade, Asia) introduces the all new RSi TaylorMade irons to the Indonesian market at Pondok Indah Golf and Gallery. Image courtesy of MAP Indonesia.

A: SLDR irons got some of the best feedback from our irons over the past year. The SLDR irons were brought out to match the SLDR Driver’s, Fairway Woods and Hybrids, as when the SLDR was first released it was just the Driver alone.

So what we are doing now is going back to what we used to do in bringing out irons first, with the RSi’s then coming out with the Driver and woods afterwards with the R15 and R series which will come out next year.

Q: What does RSi stand for?

A: Good question: RSi stands for – R Series slotted irons. The R is meant to bring our customers back to a familiarity that is: understanding, that R is a revolutionary term for our products. When you look at our innovative history many times we have come out with a R-Series product. So with the RSi irons and their face slot technology and shows golf innovation and performance at its best.

Q: How can you summarize the technology found in the new RSi irons?

A: TaylorMade have developed the successful speed pocket technology used in the speed blade irons which helps shots which miss the sweet spot vertically. With the new face slots left and right of the sweet spot on the RSi irons, Taylor Made have maximized the performance of shots which miss the sweet spot horizontally on the club face. All in all improving overall performance of shots positioned all over the clubface. After all the likelihood of a weekend golfer hitting the sweet spot on their irons is far less than a tour pro. After all nobody is perfect.

Indonesian professional Jordan Irawan is sponsored by TaylorMade. Testing the new RSI irons hooked up with trackman, he recorded a 7 iron which travelled over 210m. Image courtesy of MAP Indonesia.

Indonesian professional Jordan Irawan is sponsored by TaylorMade. Testing the new RSI irons hooked up
with trackman, he recorded a 7 iron which travelled over 210m. Image courtesy of MAP Indonesia.

We had the chance to chat with Ashok Kumar (Snr General Manager of Golf Division MAP Active) to find out a bit about sales of golf equipment in Indonesia over the past 5 years.

Q: How have the sales of Taylor Made been over the past five years from 2010 – 2014? How are things looking for Taylor Made here in Indonesia.

A: Golf sales grew substantially from 2010 to 2013 for Taylor Made. Unfortunately golf sales all over the world have been a bit flat in 2014. It has had the same effect here in Indonesia.

Q: What factors contributed to slow and low golf sales globally in 2014?

A: A few things in my opinion, formally people thought that having 4 hours to play golf and socialize was a great way to get to know someone. Yet nowadays with social media, smart phones etc… there is no need to play for four hours to socialize and network. Secondly for many people 4 – 5 hours is far too long in duration to spend on one activity, especially with people’s busy daily schedules. People seem to be turning to what I call ‘sexier’ games: like futsal, gym, running and cycling for example: for the younger generation these are sexier sports.

The challenge for all nations like Indonesia, is how to get the younger kids playing golf? They are the future.

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