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Tee Set Golf Society

By: Ric Wymer

Tee Set Golf Society

This year Tee Set Golf Society celebrates the anniversary of its inception by a group of oil field gentlemen (a term used very loosely) who, 30 years ago, shared a number of common denominators. Firstly it was a dislike of getting up at the crack of dawn on a Sunday morning to join the Early Birds Golf Group. Second was the need to consume copious amounts of the local brew to get over the hangover from the night before. Lastly, and most importantly, was the shared obsession to chase a little white dimpled ball around the hallowed golfing fairways of Jakarta. Sadly there are few left from the original group able to stand unassisted on the first tee box to hit off, but the camaraderie which was always part of the group lives on today, 30 years later.

Tee Set - MembersIf one goes back 30 years, the personal computer was rarely available and simple digital recordings of score sheets and other important information lived only in Steve Jobs’ vivid imagination. Sadly, much of the early history of the group has been lost or rests as hard copy in discarded shoeboxes, cluttering old members’ garages. Maybe in time, some of these forgotten records will emerge so that the group’s history can be suitably documented.

The only two original items of memorabilia are: one dated photo of the 1983 group and the annual championship trophy with engravings of past winners. Des Murray and Dale Potter are some of the names engraved on the trophy and all held key positions in the group over the years. Key positions refer to a very basic committee made up of a President, Vice President and Treasurer, because it was identified that having too many chiefs didn’t work. The present day committee incorporates a few additional positions to cover the ever-expanding group. There is a webmaster, match play referee and social events organizer to name a few of the new society positions.

Tee Set - EventsSo what web page first pops up when any Internet search is initiated using the key words “Golf Jakarta”? The answer of course is Tee Set Golf. Through this web site, visitors can register to join the Tee Set mailing list, keep tabs about upcoming events/game venues, read the latest newsletter, check match play results, check current handicaps, enjoy photos from previous events, and there is even a classified section for posting services or items for sale.

The events schedule is also posted, but it is a work in progress since venues need to be revised at short notice from time to time due to holiday traffic, road works and other unforeseen events. The focus is on making the day as enjoyable as possible, with a minimum serving of Jakarta stress getting to and from the course. Venues are chosen based on certain considerations such as the current weather, course degree of difficulty, price of beer, and other minor criteria such as caddy ‘ability’ and/or friendliness.

There are no joining fees or obligation to show up on any given Sunday. USPGA recognized handicaps, are maintained by the Tee Set secretary and cards from any event can be submitted. A minimum of five cards are required to get an official Tee Set handicap, but it’s best to have at least 10 cards to make the handicap a true indication of your ability.

Tee Set Championship 2012A token prize is awarded at each event for the best gross, lowest net, first birdie/ sandy par, lowest number of putts, most improved front nine to back nine score, nearest to the pin and the longest drive. On the other hand bad hair days do not go unpunished so avoid the monster putter, most strokes on a hole accolades and ‘skirts’ (not passing the ladies tee box) if you want to avoid a mention in the weekly newsletter.

Records were never kept in the early days of Tee Set, but in today’s electronic society scores become statistics to be thrown up there at the end of the year to identify the longest drivers, weary putters and those good at managing their handicaps. Awards for the top performers are presented at the end of the year during the annual stroke play championship event. Typically 100 golfers participate in this event and it is the highlight of the Tee Set golfing year.

So, if you’re a golfing nut, new to Jakarta or just want to join a great bunch of interesting people out for a fun day of golf, come and join the Tee Set. Log onto to find out info on how to join and where the group are playing next Sunday.

About Ric Wymer

Ric Wymer is the immediate past President of Tee Set having served in that position for four years from 2008 until 2012 when he was succeeded by Geoff Thwaites. Ric remains on the Tee Set Committee, however, which ensures we don’t lose his vast knowledge and experience of the Jakarta golf scene. Never just a figurehead, Ric, an 18-handicapper, is a regular player and managed a Tee Set leading 42 rounds in 2012 up until the Tee Set Championship. Ric, with the help of wife Liz, also makes the finest Margaritas this side of Houston, an art he regularly practices at the Bandung Bash to the benefit of all participating. When he is not playing golf or making Margaritas, Ric is manager of CGGVeritas in Indonesia.

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