Tee Set Jakarta

Keith Miller

Nov 18,2013

Tee Set Jakarta

Tee Set is one of Jakarta’s very oldest Golf Societies and traces its history back many years to the early 1980s when it was founded by a bunch of not very good but extremely enthusiastic expats looking for fun and golf on Sunday.
Tee Set plays on a wide variety of Jakarta’s courses, though we try to avoid the ones charging more than about Rp. 850,000, all in on the grounds that this is no longer fun. The past month of October has been not been untypical as we have played regular Sunday handicap events at Pondok Cabe, Pangkalan Jati and Rancamaya and the Monthly Stableford round at Matoa, while also participating in the 7th round of the 8 man Inter-League team event at Jagorawi.

Tee Set - Table

161 rounds, and 120 million Rupiah into the Jakarta golf economy—and that’s before caddy tips!
We opened the month at Pondok Cabe, a course that has greatly improved over the past couple of years, and this, together with its attractive green fees, always means a good turnout these days and 46 Tee Setters turned up with high handicapper Deddy Ab coming out of pack to win Low Net with a 68.
The Tee Set’s former home course at Jagorawi is another course that draws the crowds, and with the Interleague team playing at Jagorawi, a respectable 26 Tee Setters were to see another win by a high handicapper as Thurmond Borden took the honours with his best round for a long time, a net 70.
A significant number of Tee Setters rate the Rancamaya Gold Club at the end of the Jagorawi Tol as being the very best there is in the whole of Indonesia, never mind just Jakarta and, despite large numbers of Tee Setters engaged in the Bali Classic, 39 of them turned up to enjoy a sublime day of friendly competition on a course in superb condition and in glorious weather. Yet another high Handicapper, James Ross, took the day’s honours with a net 70 while 5 skirts for failing to reach the Ladies Tee made the Treasure happy due to the fines these bring in! The club restaurant was busy long after the prize giving as Tee Setters enjoyed analysing the day, and more, including the mystery of how a very large, angry and ugly frog got down the back of regular Tee Setter Shane Rawles’ golf shirt.
The last event of the month, the Monthly Medal, invariably sees the biggest turnout of the month and this time was to be no exception as we saw 53 Tee Setters anxious to get their name on the Tee Set Honours Board and a small piece of immortality. Two happy winners this month with alarmingly high Stableford points totals of 43, which will undoubtedly attract the attention of the Handicap Committee, were Peter Bush and Matt Fairey. Sharing the low putts prize with 27 blows of the blade apiece were Peter Bush again, George Bevege and Paul Lowndes.

Tee Set

While we don’t normally award Low Gross in this primarily Stableford event, Sam Westen’s 73 off the stick, just one over par, was considered meritorious enough for the usually tight-fisted Treasurer to make an exception and Sam got his 100,000 Rupiah!
Looking forward to the new month, Tee Set will hold its Annual Championship on the 24th November, once again at the Matoa Golf Club. Numbers are restricted to just 96 players this year and, after regular Tee Setters have been given first priority on registration, we now have space for another 10 golfers.
Due to our great sponsors, the all-in cost for the day is just Rp. 950,000, which is great value for an event that provides breakfast before a 7:30am tee off, a high quality Tee Set golf shirt, a shotgun start, on course “refreshments” a good lunch with more “refreshments” —and lots of enhanced prizes!
If you are quick you may be able to register for the Championship at http://www.teesetgolf.com/
November’s biggest challenge will of course be the likely arrival of the rainy season, signs of which can already be felt. This means that Tee Set’s focus will steadily move away from the many courses off the Jagorawi Tol, particularly the most rain prone ones closest to Bogor, and instead look east and west more often.
It has to be said that the often maddeningly crowded Jagowari Tol is also having an effect on our thinking on future planning, a glance at this chart shows why Tee Setters can spend two hours plus getting home on a Sunday!
Tee Set looks forward to seeing you on the fairways rather than in the rough during November.
Tee Set’s home page can be found at http://teesetgolf.com
To contact Tee Set send an e-mail to: Tee.Set.Jakarta@gmail.com