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The FootJoy M: Project Golf Shoes

By: Grand Slam Golf

The FootJoy M: Project Golf Shoes

They are unlike anything you’ve ever seen from FootJoy. Minimal Construction. Maximum Feel. Minimal Construction? Maximum Feel? What does that mean exactly?

Minimal Construction M:Project was designed and developed from the ground up. Thinner leather or mesh uppers allow for a thin but strong upper, a thinner midsole gives you tremendous feel and fexibility, and the lowest profle spikes available ensure your feet are completely in tune with the ground.

Ultra Thin & Strong Skin. The specially designed ultra thin and ultra strong M:Spec leather becomes a second skin. M:Project’s specially designed shoes allows more room for your toes to spread out and grip the ground for real-time feedback.

Maximum Feel with M:Project, you’ll be able to feel the ground under your feet and grip uneven terrain. If you require fexibility and feel, M:Project is right for you.

Footjoy M:Project products look more casual and ‘different’ from FootJoy’s previous models.

It has variety for the upper look material, thin yet strong leather (M:SPEC™ Leather) or high performance mesh material, with more colorful selections.

It also has two traction (lower part) options: spike and spikeless, as well as two lacing systems: regular shoelace and BOA.

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