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The Grip

By: Adam Taylor

Over the next few issues of Golf Indonesia, I will be covering what I believe are the five most basic principles for the golf swing. These principles apply to almost every area of the game, from the full swing, chipping, pitching, bunker play and more.

In my first edition, I will show you how to correctly perform the grip.

The grip is the most important fundamental of the game. It is the only part of our body that connects to the golf club, but is often overlooked as a reason for our swing faults. Most importantly, the correct position of our left hand (right handed players) plays a significant part in the breaking of our wrists and body position on the backswing, plus the quality of our impact and ball direction. The following is a step-by-step process to improve your grip and ultimately your game.

The-Grip-11. Most players make the mistake of placing the golf grip too high into the palm of their left hand. The preferred position is to have the club closer to the base of the little finger and through the first joint of the index finger. This is the first step to be able to break the wrists correctly in the takeaway and return the clubface straighter behind the ball at impact.


The-Grip-22. Wrap your fingers around the base of the golf grip, and then bring your thumb across the top of the grip so its angle is pointing towards the middle of your right shoulder. Your left hand should be sitting comfortably on the grip with your thumb and the lower part of your index finger lying close together.



The-Grip-33. From the side view, the key position is the lower area of the left palm is placed on the top of the grip. This will make it easier and almost automatic to angle your left thumb towards the middle of your right shoulder, and to break your wrists during the backswing. If you are able to comfortably hold the club in this position, you are going to have a lot more control of the club during the swing.


The-Grip-44. The next step is to place your right hand on the grip, making sure that your thumb is also on an angle towards the middle of your right shoulder. The underside of your right thumb and the top of your left thumb should mould nicely into each other. This should result in your left thumb being hidden under your right thumb. Your hands are now in a position to work together and progressively achieve better contact and direction.


The-Grip-55. The two most common ways to link the hands are either the interlocking or the overlapping grip. Pictured is the interlocking grip, the most common grip used in Asia and for beginner players due to it being slightly easier to keep the right hand on the grip during the swing. The worlds Number one player, Tiger Woods, uses this grip.



The overlapping grip is popular with players with slightly bigger hands and fingers. The index finger of the left hand is placed on the grip the same as the other fingers of the left hand. The little finger of the right hand sits on and slightly in between the index and middle fingers of the left hand. This can feel more comfortable for players with slightly larger hands and fingers. The worlds Number two, Adam Scott, uses this grip.

Try both and choose the one which feels the best for you and gives you the best ball flight results.

Any changes to your grip will take time and practice to feel comfortable and see results.

If you would like more information on the grip, or to have a personal lesson with me, contact:
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About Adam Taylor

Originally from Melbourne, Australia, Adam graduated from the Australian PGA as a full member professional with a Diploma in Golf Instruction in 2005. Having been based at Royale Jakarta Golf Club for the past two years, Adam has devoted his passion and knowledge of the game to improving players of all levels and ages. His instructional techniques have featured in several television golf programs and golf magazines. He looks forward to improving your game through Golf Indonesia Magazine and at Ancora Golf Institute, Royale Jakarta.

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