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The Takeaway

By: Adam Taylor

The Takeaway - SwingIn the last two issues of Golf Indonesia (January and February 2014), I have outlined the placement of the hands for a correct grip and the correct setup and alignment as the first steps in my series of the five most basic principles for a solid golf swing. In this third instalment I will demonstrate how to perform the takeaway correctly.

The takeaway is the cause of many swing problems, and should be very similar for all shots we play, from chipping with a sand wedge, a full swing with a 7 iron, or teeing off with your driver. To make this position easy to achieve, I have outlined a very simple reference point that you can practise to improve your takeaway, and to improve positions throughout the rest of your swing.

The first position to focus on is when your left wrist is level with the outside of your right foot for medium to full swing length shots. Your left wrist will be slightly more outside for your chip shot as our feet want to be closer together. From here, the club should be parallel with the ground and a slight rotation of the body will have occurred.

The Takeaway - SwingThis breaking of the wrists is crucial as the first step in generating power for your longer swings, and being able to make solid contact with the ball.

Your left arm from your shoulder to the hands should be straight or a slight angle back towards your body. Your hands should be very close over the line of your toes, with the club continuing in a straight line back from here. The clubface should be at a slight angle pointing down towards the ground.

The clubface angle is crucial because it has a huge influence in the positions of the club during the swing. Many players will have opened the clubface at this point by rolling the hands during the takeaway. This is one of the main causes for the club getting behind the body or ‘too inside’ which has great effect on the path of the club during the swing. Also it can make it very difficult to get the clubface back pointing at the target at impact.

If you would like more information on the takeaway, or to have a personal lesson with me, contact Ancora Golf Institute at Royale Jakarta Golf Club.

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Originally from Melbourne, Australia, Adam graduated from the Australian PGA as a full member professional with a Diploma in Golf Instruction in 2005. Having been based at Royale Jakarta Golf Club for the past two years, Adam has devoted his passion and knowledge of the game to improving players of all levels and ages. His instructional techniques have featured in several television golf programs and golf magazines. He looks forward to improving your game through Golf Indonesia Magazine and at Ancora Golf Institute, Royale Jakarta.

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