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Tips & Tricks: Putting Tip

By: Robert Turvey


It is no secret that when it comes to scoring, most high handicappers don’t spend enough time practicing their putting. You will often see driving ranges full of people practicing their swing and look over to the putting green and see that it’s empty. Even though I encourage people to practice their swing, I would hope they balance their practice with enough putting exercises to save their score. When it comes to avoiding the dreaded 3 putt, it is important to make sure your first putt is close enough to the hole. That’s when you have to be clear about what’s important—Line or DISTANCE.


Quick Test

Take 10 golf balls and hit 10 putts from 15 meters to a slightly breaking putt. After hitting the putts, have a look at your results where the balls are. Most people will find that overall they will not miss a putt much more than one meter either left or right, but can easily miss a few meters short or long. With this in mind, our general instinct is usually good enough to keep the ball on a decent line, however being able to judge the distance poses a problem for most people. Therefore if we focus on being able to get correct distance control, you will significantly reduce the amount of three putts in your game and save vital strokes.


Many people struggle with distance control because they have trouble making a smooth stroke through the ball. Instead of using the weight of the putter to complete the action, I see many amateurs grip too tight and try to hit the ball. It’s better to make a good stroke and just let the ball get in the way.

To give you a very good idea of good feel, hold the putter with only your right hand and using the weight of the putter, create a pendulum stroke even on both sides. Hold the putter with a light grip and when you create the stroke try to keep the putter stable without getting tight. Let the weight of the putter do the work for you. Try with a few balls and get used to the feel of the putting stroke through the ball with a smooth tempo.


To improve your ability to judge the correct distance set up a 15 meter putt with a circle one meter around the hole.

Step 1—With five balls use the “Feel Drill” above and try to get the ball into the circle around the hole. Most importantly place your focus in distance control.

Step 2—Now try to repeat the same feel of the stroke with two hands. Use five balls and see how many you get within one meter.

Step 3—Repeat steps one and two until you are able to get all five balls within one meter when you use two hands.


Extra TipThis is a great drill for learning the feel of the stroke and applying it to distance control. However, on the golf course you are not going to have only 15 meter putts. Therefore it is important that once you achieve your putting goal from 15 meters, that you practice different distances as well. Try also from 10 and 20 meters both up and down hill. This will give you a complete understanding on how to have good distance control from anywhere on the green.

If you would like to learn more about the putting stroke, come see me at the Senayan National Golf Club and we will help you reach your golfing potential.

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