www.Golfclick.net — It's Time to Golf!

Simon Reynolds

Aug 15,2014

www.Golfclick.net — It's Time to Golf!

The Golfclick.net website is a new golf reservation portal where golfers from Indonesia and worldwide to find and book unsold tee times for golf courses in Indonesia. The website is the project of two young Indonesian golfers and entrepreneurs Albert Kosasih (28) and Ebert Wijaya (27). Albert and Ebert have been close friends ever since their studies in the US at The University of Portland and Portland State respectively. 
Whilst studying in the Portland area the two would often enjoy and explore golf courses in the US via online tee time booking sites where American golfers could freely shop around for the best deals for tee times online and within a few clicks have a tee time reserved for their next rounds. Upon returning to their homeland Indonesia the two decided to setup and pioneer Indonesia’s very first online golf reservation site, www.Golfclick.net was born!
Golf Indonesia sat down with Albert Kosasih and Ebert Wijaya to learn about their website and to see what we can expect in the future from this new project?

Q – So Albert can you remind us how Golfclick.net came about and the inspiration you had to create this site for golfers in Indonesia:
Albert – So basically Ebert and I were golf buddies at our time studying in Portland, Oregon. Actually I am thankful to Ebert for introducing me to the game. Every time we played golf there we booked our tee time through a website called: golfnow.com , its all there, you can choose the golf course, the tee time and the prices. When I came back here to Jakarta, I found it a little troublesome to book my own tee times. You had to call each golf course, check availability, confirm with friends, the whole process to book a tee time took half an hour or 45 minutes. This made us think, let us create our own golf portal / website just like we used in the US, where all the golf courses are integrated and Indonesian golfers can shop and book tee times online and save a lot of time and money.

Q – Having browsed the website, Golfclick.net appears to offer golfers decent savings and discounts for their prospective tee times? Potentially how much to golfer’s save when using your site?
Albert – Our mission is to sell unsold, available tee times. In the weekday’s in the Jabodetabek region, approxiametly 70% – 75% of tee times remain unsold. We plan to have as many of these available tee times on our website for golfers to book on short term notice or last minute, for savings of up to 40% depending on the golf course or tee time. The closer you book to the tee time, the cheaper the price.

Q – Currently on the website, golfers can book from 14 golf courses in Jabodetabek, 3 in Bandung and 1 course in Bali, can you reveal any exciting news about other golf courses you will be adding to the website shortly?
Ebert – Currently we are in discussion with Ria Bintan, a majestic golf course designed by Gary Player in Bintan. Also we are in talks with Bali National in Nusa Dua and Senayan National in Jakarta, both of which would be popular golf courses on our website for our regulars.

Q – Golfclick.net seems to be improving all the time, are there any new features that you have added recently?
Ebert – we have one new feature on our website, ‘group reservations.’ It’s a service where you can book golf tee times for parties of 8 people or more. The feature is a one stop easy way for large golf groups to contact us and we can take care of your accommodation, transportation and most importantly your tee times, all on our website. This new feature will be very useful from website visitors from outside of Indonesia looking to book a golf holiday in Indonesia, without the need of a travel agent per se.

Q – Where would you like to see Golfclick.net in two years from now?
Albert – in two years time we would like to provide our website visitors with tee time from golf courses all over Indonesia. We would like to see more visitors regularly using our site not just in Indonesia but from golfers worldwide. We hope that have completed our mobile website by then, so golfer’s can access and book tee times form their iPhones, Androids and Blackberry mobile phones.

Q – Golfclick.net has been active online since 2013, with your negotiating with Indonesian golf courses have you seen a gradual increase in green fee prices?
Ebert, indeed prices have steadily increased year by year, but I feel this is reflective to inflation rates. Yet, although prices have risen, the price of golf here in Indonesia has become cheaper for foreigners as the Indonesian Rupiah at times has weakened. For US$50 visitors can enjoy golf courses designed by Greg Norman, Gary Player, Jack Nicklaus, this would be highly unlikely in other countries.
Golf Indonesia are more then impressed with this one stop portal for golfers, offering available tee times in Indonesia at cheaper prices using a simple, quick booking service. Log on now to www.Golfclick.net and book your next tee time I’m sure you wont be disappointed and you’ll save some valuable time that you can use at the driving range.

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