Golf Geek: A Rangefinder Review – Hit with Confidence

Simon Reynolds

May 29,2019

Have you ever found yourself on the course without a proper distance reading wondering whether you should hit the 7i or 8i, only to hit the 7i and fly the green?

If so, this common problem is preventing you from realizing your true potential as a golfer but luckily for you there is a solution, a rangefinder.

A rangefinder is a versatile tool for the modern golfer as it can measure the distance to a specific point on the fairway, the edge of a hazard or the true distance to the pin as fairway markers are measured to the center of the green.

When using a range finder you will be able to get consistently accurate distance readings for each shot allowing you to hit a full shot with confidence. By having the right club for the proper distance you will put yourself in the best position to hit your targets or at the very least be within range of your intended shot allowing for an easy recovery. Ultimately after a few rounds with a rangefinder you should expect to see the return on your new investment as scores drop by 3 to 5+ strokes.

While there are many distance measuring options on the market we found the traditional rangefinder to be our tool of choice as GPS devices and mobile applications require a network connection, downloading of often times outdated courses, a well charged battery and a margin of error threshold of up to 10 meters.

BushnellNow before you go out and purchase a rangefinder we must warn you that owning a one comes with great responsibility as your playing partners will be asking, ‘Hey! What am I playing here?’ as they quickly catch on that you possess the knowledge of true distances.

The market of rangefinders varies in price and technology. After trying out a selection of rangefinder manufactures and models we found the Bushnell Tour V3 Slope to have the best functionality and value. What sets the Bushnell Tour V3 Slope apart from the competition was its consistency, ease of use and distance measuring properties.

The Bushnell Tour V3 Slope is easy to use with only one button to push, is durable with its rainproof construction, has an ergonomic design for a stable grip, features a 5x magnification and is accurate within 1 meter for distances up to 1,000 meters. The best part of the Bushell Tour V3 Slope is that its unique PinSeek and JOLT technology adjusts distances to account for elevation changes while providing a quick vibration to indicate the device has locked on to the pin. The only thing this rangefinder doesn’t do is swing the club for you.

The Bushnell Tour V3 Slope Rangefinder retails for Rp 5,200,000 and is commonly stocked at your nearest golf shop.