Meet Inesh Putri Tjiptadi Chandra

Simon Reynolds

Sep 10,2013

Meet Inesh Putri Tjiptadi Chandra, Miss Indonesia 2012 and a female professional golfer from Indonesia.

How did you get interested in the game of golf?
My parents started playing golf 25–30 years ago. My mother actually represented Indonesia at golf often, competing in national tournaments, she competed in 1996 & 2000 PON games. My father also plays but only for fun on the weekends to a 20 handicap.
I was nine years old when I first held a golf club, I really wanted to play like my mother, but I was very skinny and petite so my mother felt it wasn’t worth it. By the time I was 12 my physique started to develop so I started to really play golf.
My older brother also plays, so we often get together for family rounds of golf, which is very pleasant, a good way to spend quality time together as a family.

What’s the lowest score you have ever posted?
The lowest score was a 66 at Bali Nirwana. I love to drink caffeine, I drunk a particularly strong and sweet coffee on this occasion before the round and I literally couldn’t stop moving. It obviously worked, but for me it wasn’t a particularly nice experience, my heart was beating incredibly fast. For some reason I played really, really well and there was no worry about slow play.

Playing golf as a youngster, who were the golfing professionals you idolised and looked up to for inspiration both male and female?
In my younger years Tiger Woods, but now I like the South Korean female pro Na Yeon Choi. I didn’t watch much golf on TV to be honest but of all the female pros today she is my favourite.

What is it about the game of Golf that you love the most?
The fact that it is so different from any other sports; in sports like basketball and football the game is always played on a uniformly sized pitch. Whereas in golf all holes are always different and unique in their own right, which offers a more interesting playing experience. I like the way you have to use your mind, how you incorporate strategy in order to play the next shot one shot at a time to the best of your ability with the least amount of strokes. It also a nice combination of both a physical and mental challenge, whilst dealing with varying wind and playing conditions. It is challenging in many different ways.

What is your official golfing handicap?
At my peak I played off about 2 or 3 from the men’s tees and scratch from the ladies’ tees.

How often do you play golf these days? Or do you still have lots of beauty pageant and media work commitments?
I haven’t been playing much golf recently. I haven’t played a round of golf since March. I have several media commitments recently through Miss Indonesia, as this is how I make my money. I am also busy helping my mum and brother who run a very successful restaurant in Bali, Kuta, called Dulang Café. You have to try it. Their Sop Buntut got a mention in the top 30 dishes to try in Bali by the Bali Expat magazine.
I have been practising a bit recently as I’m looking forward to competing in the Lidhya Ivanna Jaya memorial pro-skins tournament with three other Asian professionals. Tang Thi Nhung from Vietnam, Chihiro Ikeda from the Phillipines and Srisawang Nontaya from Thailand. The event will take place at Senayan National on the 15th of September.

Representing Indonesia at Miss World 2012 must have been an incredible experience – what did you learn from the experience?
In 2012 in one year, competing in the Miss World event, I learnt more from the experience than I had in the past five years of my life. It was a steep learning curve that I will never forget. Through being Miss Indonesia I have had the chance to meet so many people from all walks of life, from the poor folk to governors and presidents.
This happened for about 3 years, training hard, too hard, but not enjoying the game. Then I met my new coach Robert Turvey from Ancora Sports and we started to train smart not hard to rekindle the fun that golf should be.
In early 2012 I was working as an intern for an insurance firm when I saw a f lyer for Miss Indonesia auditioning, I thought I would give it a go. Part of the audition was to perform through singing or dancing, at the time I couldn’t do either. I had to undergo a crash course in Balinese dancing, but the rest is history, I’ll never regret answering the flyer.

Golf can be a very time-consuming hobby, now that you aren’t playing and training so much what are your hobbies outside your working life?
I love to eat. My parents love food as well as running our own restaurant. We love to go and try new restaurants at weekends, discovering different types of cuisine. I also love to watch movies, I also like to cook, especially baking. I make a tasty banana cake. I also enjoy playing other sports as well as going to the gym. With all the eating I do, I would feel guilty not going to the gym.
I am also an avid Manchester United fan. I fell in love with David Beckham as a youngster, and ever since then I follow them very closely. From the current team my favourite players are Wayne Rooney (not so much for the looks) also Robin Van Persie and Ryan Giggs.

You seem to be passionate about culinary—baking your own cakes! What restaurants do you recommend in Jakarta?
I would say sushi-tei, good value for money. Duck King is also good, and Social House, they have really nice cocktails. If you go to Bali make sure you visit Dulang Cafe and try the Sop Buntut you won’t regret it.

What did you have for breakfast this morning?
I had a lot this morning. I had nasi goreng, I also had banana bread which I baked myself.  I like eating a big hearty breakfast. I also find there is a certain satisfaction in eating something you made yourself.

Single? If you could date any professional golfer who would it be?
Adam Scott without a doubt. He is not just a handsome guy, he is very successful at winning golf tournaments, like the 2013 Masters.

Inesh Putri Tjiptadi Chandra
September 5, 1989 (age: 23)
Denpasar, Indonesia
Professional Golfer
1.67 m (5 ft 5.5 inch)
Miss Indonesia 2012
Miss Indonesia 2012 (Winner)
Miss World 2012 (Top 15)

  • Winner of gold medal and silver medal at the 2004 Pekan Olahraga Nasional for Bali
  • Youngest person ever to compete for Indonesia National Golf Team
  • Winner of Gubernur Bali Cup 2004


  • Winner of Miss Indonesia 2012
  • Top 15 in Miss World 2013 (13th overall position)